My sister or elder brother would usually make long calls that it often starts pissing me off. I do not talk about it because I believe it’s none of my business but to me it was always annoying! Why? I was wondering what it would be that people will be talking on phone for one or two hours without getting tired! I wouldn’t make such calls! Making calls have always been 15 seconds call where I tell the person am calling “hope you are good? I just called to check on you!” and that’s the end of it! I don’t make short calls because I couldn’t afford airtime but because I don’t always know what to say! I felt I was the most boring person in the world.


For years I have lived this way believing it was just my wiring!

Well, I came in contact with someone and like magic I was caught up in the same act! I would make one hour call and still not get satisfied. We would talk and talk and talk again but we have not exhausted whatever it is we are talking about. Initially, my service provider would give me bonus and I will never deplete them but then I started depleting those bonuses that I even started yearning for more! What happened to me? Why did I suddenly become infected with the “One Hour” call virus?


I have sat down to think of what happened to me, as at the time of typing this I am rushing to publish it and go back to my calls! Who changed me? Well, I discovered what happened to me and I call it the power of association. You don’t necessarily need to associate with lots of smokers before you start smoking! One smoker friend is enough to gradually make you smoke and smoke again and a football loving friend is enough to make you love football. I remember going to the boutique to look for a quality Chelsea jersey even when I hated everything about Chelsea, it was as a result of a friend who would usually wear Chelsea jersey! Your values can change with time depending on the people you start associating with.


The Bible said something very profound in 1 Corinthians 15:33 “Bad Company corrupts good character.” My focus point in the verse of the bible is not about the ‘bad’ but about the word ‘company’ and ‘character’. People may not talk you into changing, all they need to do is to place you in an association and your character will be altered! The company you find yourself in has the power of altering your character. It may be a bad character that will be altered to become good or a good character altered to become bad. People say that birds of the same feather flock together but I say concerning humans “when two birds flock together they become of the same feather!” Have you seen some married couples? Sometimes you discover that after some years of marriage their faces starts to change and they begin to look alike!


Today, I was working on a design when a friend saw a picture of a woman and asked “isn’t this the sister of that guy?” I smiled and responded “no, it’s his wife!” He shouted in surprise. What happened to this couple? Why did they suddenly start looking alike? It is the power of association. The more you associate with someone, the more you are being molded into his/her character! Sometimes, it’s not that people want you to become like them but as you keep talking together, staying together and doing certain things together, you discover that a gradual change is occurring! The both of you are becoming people of like minds.


A young man approached me one Sunday and said “I don’t like the way I live my life. What will I do to become better” I smiled and responded “look for a good church, get committed to a department and never miss their fellowships and meetings! Discard your old friends and make friends among your folks in church… I give you only a little time and you will become an entirely changed man” it is very simple. You can’t be a better person when you can associate with better people.


The people we associate with determine the way we see and respond to life! Sometimes you may not necessarily see an outright change but your association will always trigger something in you! It will activate something spectacular in you. Like I said about myself, I never knew I would talk on phone for hours and never get satisfied, I met someone and that part of me was triggered and activated!


Let me ask you… What’s your circle like? Who have you met and how have that person influenced you? You can become better when you associate with a better person and you can become worst when you meet with that kind. It is in your hands to carefully select your friends!




Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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