Everyone is called to preach the good news of Jesus Christ but there are also people whom God has specifically picked out to leave everything they are doing and focus on this cause. I happen to be one of them.


If there was anything I despised in my childhood age, it was not to become a Pastor, a preacher… I wanted to be a managing director of a very big firm; I had so much dreams of what I was going do. I started writing stories in Primary four but never Christian books! As a child I saw Pastors as people who have been caged, people who have no life of their own, people whose every movement is under surveillance. I made up my mind never to be a Pastor. 


Yes, around Primary three or four God spoke to me asking me to preach his message! It was the first time I had such an encounter but I wasn’t overwhelmed by it since I have known that God spoke to little Samuel too. I felt God just loved talking to children and my own case wasn’t different. But it never occurred to me what God was saying, I never knew it was going to be a full time job, I thought God just wanted to keep me busy till he leads me to that office where I’d be controlling firms. I was blessed with creative ideas and anything I ever thought of doing, I saw myself doing it without struggles. I started going for early morning preaching around that time God spoke to me and I would always borrow the Mega Phone at Scripture Union, Fair Haven group.


Well, I did it for some time but I never planned doing it for life… I still nursed my dream of building various firms. I wanted to make money, didn’t want my creativity to be a waste. I was very ambitious. I had serious plans of investing in Soya Beans as a young boy, I and my brother had drew plans of an automatic processing machine for soya beans and we were known in school for being technically creative. I loved the Lord with all my heart even while I couldn’t keep all the laws but I didn’t plan being a Pastor… I knew I would possibly never stop preaching even if I had become a CEO of a firm but being a full time Pastor? That wasn’t my plan.


When I encountered Jesus to a certain level, my direction changed and every dream of being anything other than the “ordinary Pastor” was murdered! People who knew me would confess that I am a creative novelist! I wrote books that publishers never believed I wrote. By the time I got to SSS3 I had visited almost every known publisher in Onitsha, I was a known face in Africana First Publishers because I would always come to make inquiries on how to get my book published. A certain publisher even told me he won’t publish my book because he couldn’t believe I wrote such books. I had written much matured novels including romance books! Almost all my books had American setting as I could read maps, calculate currencies, check environmental information and even study USA just to make sure my book looked real. It sure did and my favorite setting was Baltimore. God! When I look at those stories now, I laugh at myself.


But today, I write about Jesus and his Church, I write about things that wouldn’t just interest readers but bring them to the light! I write about my personal experiences and how God has used them to keep building the best out of me. Maybe, God gifted me and allowed me to practice my gift even when it wasn’t about him. I literally improved by writing those things then, that was probably part of God’s arrangements. Now, I no longer write how Derek traveled from Baltimore to Washington just for vengeance, I write how God became man just to save man!


What happened to me? I am sure you are still asking… It was the same thing that happened to Peter. He had dreams of becoming a great Fisher but when Jesus came to him, he left everything! He left just at the peak of his career because he found a greater way!


Matthew had plans of becoming a top civil servant of that time either by crook or nook but when he met Jesus, he quit his job! What about Paul? Yes! He was on his way to becoming the dreaded defender of Judaism, he was on his way to accomplishing something that would have brought him great recognition… He was also an amazing entrepreneur but what happened? He met Jesus and changed direction!


Whatever has happened to me was that I met Jesus and I forfeited all those dreams and followed Jesus, not because I was wise but because I have found a better calling and a better life in Christ.


It comes with its own oppositions for Jesus said “For my sake, many will hate you”. Yes, many people don’t like me because they feel it’s not okay to associate with that “Jesus Boy”, many don’t like me because I am becoming a thorn in their flesh… I am spoiling market for them! That reminds me… Jesus spoiled their market in those days; he drove them out of the temple! I said it somewhere that when people hate me for this cause, I laugh and dance! Isn’t that what Jesus asked us to do in Luke 6:23?


I have a simple message for you… No matter who you are, you need to encounter Jesus! When you encounter him, you may have to leave everything for his sake! Jesus gives you the ultimate direction! Yet, it pays to leave everything for his sake because you’ll get everything! Well, you may not have been called to leave the banking sector but to stay there and make impact, you may have been called to be a Professor, a doctor, a lawyer or any other profession and yet make impact! However, when you encounter Jesus, he gives a meaning to your life. I have seen why God blessed  me with creative ideas, it was simply a tool given to me so that I can run a unique ministry. Despite the rejections, insults and persecutions we encounter and will still encounter, I am so glad and filled with joy because I know my life is better!


This is the best decision I ever made… To serve God! It wasn’t my intention to make my voice heard; it wasn’t my intention to be an icon to some people and a thorn in the flesh of others (Who thinks so)… It wasn’t my intention to be who I am today. He simply called me in my imperfection and I said yes with my imperfection… Then, he gave me his own perfection and set me on course!

Say yes today!


Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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