Dear girls,
No amount of pressure mounted on you by any stupid guy should make you resort to using sex to prove your love for him. If he wants you to prove it, quit that relationship! Don’t play with your heart, don’t insult your body. Don’t let any stupid fellow take advantage of you.
Girls, don’t give all of yourself to a man… Wise up and zip up! No matter the pressure, no matter what you feel for him, don’t give in. When you do, he sees you like every other sluts and whore!
He may be your first! But you are not his first neither are you his last!
When you feel lonely, Jesus is always ready to hold you in his arms. Jesus does that through connecting you with the right people, the issue is you recognizing those right people! People who respects your choices and help you to become your best. Avoid this sugar-tongued boys and face your future.
Rape is real, some rapists are also on suit, some of them talk like pastors, some of them appear very calm and cute! That you met him in Church doesn’t mean he has been cured of all his mental issues… Some are Christians (I agree) but they are still undergoing mental rehabilitation… Don’t endanger yourself by visiting him all alone or by accepting to sleep over in his house!
I know what rape looks like, I know what sexual abuse looks like… It’s terrible and you may not be able to fully heal from the emotional imbalance it will cause you. So many men can sweet talk, as long as they are looking for something, they can become angels over night and when you look at them you will swear you have seen Angel Gabriel… But please, be careful how you visit men alone.
Men are usually physically stronger, they can over power you, wrap up your mouth and tear you apart! Some men have beasts in them, don’t help them activate it. All men are not the same, that you slept with a certain man on the same bed and nothing happened doesn’t mean you should go ahead sleeping with any man on the same bed…
It is not wrong to visit a man in his house, but you should do that within boundaries! Rape is real, there are rapists on suit! There are rapists who drink malt and not alcohol… There are rapists who eat lollipop sweet and not cigarettes… There are so many handsome and cute rapists all over the place and you can only know them when you are in a room with them.
However, all men are not the same. If you are visiting a man, inform your friend, mother, father, siblings or your Pastor and sometimes call them while in his house and in his presence and say “Mum, I am in so so and so persons house” If you cannot be proud to tell trusted people that you’re visiting someone or even sleeping over… Then you are also a suspect!
Like I will always say… I can’t be in a relationship and not be proud of it in the public.

Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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