Our heavenly future is secured in Christ, we can only walk in that reality and enjoy the riches we have in Christ Jesus. We have been called into rest… Now, does this mean it’s wrong for Christians to work towards securing their earthly future? Was it secured too?


You can’t have that future you’re dreaming about when you don’t consciously and painstakingly plan for it! Nothing comes easy, GRACE didn’t come easy… It took Jesus to come! Jesus said “Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and give to God what belongs to God.” – Matthew 22:21 ERV


I said sometime ago that Jesus paid the price for our salvation and everything that came with it. If you read my previous song “Balance of Secular and Spirituality”, we discovered that there are things that has no eternal value, those things maybe needful but can only be secured by us. Jesus didn’t pay for our house rents, our bride price, our Children’s school fees and all those things that are only of earthly value. To pay your bills you’ve got to work for it and consciously have savings for it. Are you dreaming of getting married early as a young person? Well, I too have such desires, to marry the woman of my dream at a younger age, to train my children as a young person and to enjoy the wife of my youth but see… Those dreams can only be realized when we consciously plan for them. How can you marry without a job? How can you marry without living in your own house? How can you marry when your income is still not taking care of you?


Let me tell you how to make it happen….


  1. Have a dream, keep having that dream. Don’t let anyone discourage you with any kind of stories about how some other persons couldn’t succeed. – Habakkuk 2:2
  2. Trust God and remove your trust from men, your uncles, families and so on… God can use them to help you, so just trust God. When you trust them, you may receive heart breaking disappointments. – Psalm 20:10


  1. Find a job. Don’t just think God will send you miracle money…. No! God promised to bless the works of our hands. Get your hand to start doing something. Not any kind of thing but things that are worthy of a believer in Christ. Don’t give up on your dreams, let your dreams inspire you to keep working. It’s not bad to work for people and get paid, it’s not bad to own your business… Don’t just let people distract you with helpless offers. Even if you have a vision you want to run and you’re not yet financially stable to run it, write it down and look for a job. God will surely bless the works of your hands. By doing so, you’re making channels through which blessings shall flow available. – 2 Thessalonians 3:10


  1. Be consistent. You see, one of the things that make people give up easily it’s when things don’t turn up as they wanted. Even if it seems slow, keep improving, keep doing that job… Remember, you have a dream yet to be brought into reality. Don’t rush it, be patient with it. If it’s marriage, let your partner know that you’re working towards it. If they can’t wait, let them go… But don’t give up. This is the most crucial and difficult time, you might have little time for luxuries and yourself but see it as your making. – Proverbs 22:29


  1. Now that you’re working so hard, don’t be deceived into thinking that your effort is enough. Keep trusting God and always pray from the position of victory. Regardless of what you see, believe that you’re already a success. Call forth success as though it were. – Proverbs 3:5


  1. Create a savings and investment scheme. It is true that your salary will solve a lot of personal needs but never forget your dreams that inspired you into working. Create saving plans for your dream project and also seek ways to invest your earnings. Saving is not enough, investment is great! Why? The value of savings can go down but your investments will keep bringing returns. – Proverbs 21:20


  1. Check that dream again! Now that you’ve come a long way, it might have probably taken you years to come up to this stage, you need to reconsider that dream you had. Is it worth your struggles? Some experiences at your work place might have opened your eyes. I love using marriage as example… It may be other projects like buying a car, building a house, travelling out of the country, running a foundation and so on! Is it worth all your years of work? It is worth the stress you’ve gone through? If it is not… Dream again! – Luke 14:28


  1. Let that dream out! By now you have a steady stream of income, you have made savings and you have seen that your dream was worth your efforts… Boldly go ahead and let them dream come to reality. Be courageous in doing this because the Lord is surely with you! – Psalm 23:1


More ideas? Let’s know in the comment box.

God bless you!



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