To me they are crystal sparkling diamond beads, rolled down an elastic thread. Do I mean real diamonds? Well, to you it may be a cheap common bead but to me they are diamonds. Why? It has come to take a significant place in my mind because of who it came from. Let me tell you a little bit of how it came about.


There has been this person I had much respect and admiration for, in fact, I cherished her so much and we had a project we worked on together for some days. If those moments were materials, I would collect them and save them in my treasury but they were just memories and the best place I could only store them was in my mind… Maybe as much as I could remember it, it will always bring smiles on my face. No wonder Virgin Mary treasured the things she heard in her heart, she didn’t just had them in mind, she treasured them. As we concluded the project and were about going our separate ways, something I have always seen in romantic Hollywood movies happened.


She removed a beautiful sparkling bangle made of beads from her wrist and slid it to my wrist with whispers to my ears “this will serve for the memories”, I smiled and looked at the bangle, it was sparkling and beautiful, it seemed all those memories were poured into it that I could watch them from the sparkles of each bead. I have never loved those beads when I see people wear it, I wasn’t my thing as I thought it was another ladies add-ons but because it came from her, it seemed my eyes was seeing something different and it became one of the most beautiful things I cherish. It can only take something stronger to get that bangle off me. Just before you start trying to do some calculations, researches and questionings so that you can come up with cooked romantic stories which is allowed though, just hold on to see why I am telling this little story of how I got a bangle.


After Jesus had spent time on earth and was about to be physically taken up, He didn’t leave without sealing His love for the Church. He gave man the gift of His word and the Holy Spirit and assured us that by the Holy Spirit in us, He is in us. Just like the bangle reminds me of someone, the Holy Spirit doesn’t just tell us about Jesus, it makes us become like Jesus. We cherish our engagement rings, wedding rings, gifts and all those things that remind us of special people, how much more what reminds us of an everlasting love? What love is greater than the love with which God has loved us?


When we throw away things that remind us of someone, we start getting distracted easily and we gradually start forgetting about that person because we do not behold what reminds us of them. You see, our relationship with Jesus isn’t a one way thing, He has showed us love and we can only be reminded of His love by paying attention to the wonderful gifts He has given to us as a seal and proof of His love. Jesus didn’t give us gifts that reminds us of Him, He gave us gifts that shows us how to continue relating with Him even when we are limited by our physical senses. While our loved ones can only afford to give us things that remind us of them but cannot always stay there forever, Jesus had a way of staying in our hearts and also gave us words that will always get our hearts connected to Him if only we can always behold those words. By looking at the words of Jesus and the revelations of Him as written down by the Apostles, we are assured of His unending love, we are assured that He is always with us and in us. Whenever it seems things aren’t working out well or when we find ourselves in situations where we can’t talk to anyone, God’s word can always remind us that we have Him living inside of us, even though our eyes cannot see Him, we can always feel His love by being conscious of Him in us.


I looked at that beautiful bangle and I remembered the beautiful soul that gifted it to me, I remember the smiles on her face as she slid it into my wrist and I remember the feelings of a ‘hollywood’ actor that ran down my spines when it happened. But it still doesn’t solve the issue that she wasn’t here; I can only enjoy fading memories that may last with the bangle. Even married couples cannot guarantee a lifetime presence, they can only promise to be with you for better or for worse but they certainly can’t help it when their only option is to check out of earth! What about Jesus? He didn’t gift to us things that can perish; he didn’t gift to us things that can only be managed till He comes again! He didn’t give us rosary or pictures that can be destroyed by nature and other occurrences! He gave us His word which God has sworn cannot pass away!  He gave us His own Spirit so that He can live in us. When we read His words, He also speaks from the inside.


Are you feeling down? Do you think your Christian life is becoming a mess? Do you think God is far away from you? Are you reconsidering your decision of submitting to Jesus? Do you feel the fire is getting out? You just need that word that ignites you for greatness through the Spirit of God living inside of you. If you could pick up pictures of loved ones and begin to look over them with smiles, you also need to consciously get the written word of God and begin to read, believe, confess and act on them.


More than we cherish those things that don’t last into eternity, the word of God is the sweetest thing we have at this time, a proof of God’s amazing love and a love letter from God to us to remind us who we are in Him and who He is in us.


This is my BANGLE TALE.

God bless you!




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