Most times when people call me to pray for them to get well of ailments, I usually follow the most common pattern by sitting beside them, telling them how God loves them, how they can hold on to God’s word at such time as those and I usually quote the verse of the Bible that says “by His stripes you were healed”. While it served good purposes with good intention, I had an unclear insight into what God’s word is talking about.  I have preached it too and may have even possibly sighted it when talking about ‘healing’ in some of my previous materials. We keep growing everyday and you don’t expect my teachings to remain static. The more we study God’s word, the more it gets clearer and the more we stay updated. As I Mature in the Christian faith my perspectives are lost and I start seeing the scripture from just one angle, the Jesus perspective.  When I listen to songs, teachings and all that, it is automatically filtered. 


The Church have always conveniently used “By his stripes you were healed” (1 Peter 2:24) but something is wrong with our understanding of that very place. First, let’s look at that verse again… It says “you were healed”, this wasn’t addressed to Christians in general, and it was addressed to the Jews who had believed but were yet to mature in the faith. No wonder Peter used the term “scattered abroad” because at a point the Jewish Christians were all scattered abroad. Even if one would want to insist and argue that it is relevant for all believers, no challenge… Yet, it wasn’t talking about healing from sickness but healing from the curse of the law which the Jews were subjected to.


The Church is the body of Christ itself and the Church is not healed by His stripes. His stripes brought healing to the Jews; they were saved from the curse of the law by the reason of what Jesus did on the cross. The Church didn’t start before the cross; the Church didn’t start on the cross, the Church started after the cross! What does this imply? Since the Church didn’t start before or on the cross it will be wrong to say that by His stripes the Church was healed of sickness. Why? The Church is the body of Christ and therefore is self sufficient in Christ alone. 


The Church has the very life of God and the indwelling of God’s spirit. While our mortal bodies can respond to natural traits the Church is truly the body of Christ. Understanding this concept allows you to take control of what happens to your body.  Its amazing coming across Romans 8:11 with this understanding, it says “if the Spirit of Him that raised up Christ from the dead lives in you, He will vitalize your mortal bodies”. You can’t reconcile the two verses, you can’t say we are healed by His stripes and also say the spirit that lives in us will vitalize our mortal bodies. The former verse wasn’t addressed to Christians in general; it wasn’t addressing the issue of sickness. It was addressed to the Jews to tell them that they have been freed from the law through the sacrifice of Jesus but the latter verse was addressed to all believers. For the sake of argument I would like to remind us that Paul had a higher knowledge of the gospel through revelation of which Peter admitted. Peter referred to Paul’s writings as ‘scriptures’ and noted Paul’s teachings had greater depths (2 Peter 3:16). Healing to the believer comes from the inside and not from anywhere else. In 1 Corinthians 15:45 we see that the first Adam was a living soul and the second Adam, a life giving Spirit. You see the usage of the term ‘soul’ and ‘spirit’? Soul depends on the Spirit, soul is not self sufficient and we were born according to the patterns of the life giving Spirit… Note the word again, life giving spirit! We produce life from the inside. Eternal life in the God–kind isn’t just a life that has no end but a life that keeps producing life. The spirit we received from God is a life giving spirit.


Babies in Christ may keep dabbling into several issues of life because they do not know these things. You cannot control what you do not know; you cannot have what you don’t believe… We receive it when we believe it! Some people may want to refute this truth because it shakes what they’ve always believed in the past but I urge these people to allow God’s word to make meaning to them!  I too have believed in certain wrong things but keep pushing them aside as it gets clearer every day. This also assures us that what Jesus did before and on the cross were sealed by His resurrection, He did something through His death and He resurrected to oversee what He has done… This is eternal security.


Let’s take that again… The healing of our mortal bodies can be generated from the inside, you were not healed by His stripes, and you were given a life giving spirit to produce as much as you want. Come to think of it, the Bible talks about a greater person in us (1 John 4:4), we should always be careful to note “IN”. The bible didn’t say “greater is He that is with, behind or around you”. He is in us and we are living from a position of victory and sufficiency. It is your duty to allow what God is doing in you to flow out of you. The Bible says “work out your salvation”, it doesn’t just mean working out righteousness in our attitudes but it also means un-wrapping the packages of salvation deposited inside of us. You can’t experience it in your body when you don’t allow it to come on the outside.


Understanding this, you should start praying the right kind of prayer. You don’t necessarily need to start calling forth healings from His stripes, declare yourself free because in true sense you cannot get sick. Your body maybe sending wrong signals but you surely cannot get sick! Tell your body how to feel, don’t let your body dictate how you should feel! Remember, the Spirit in you vitalizes your mortal body.


Stay blessed!




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