As we took off today I thought it was going to be a smooth ride, I had my maps ready, I had the estimated time we would reach Onitsha and I felt it was going to be less than 7hours. I was ready to sit that long, play songs on my tablet, chat and laugh with my colleague and maybe get infected with the sleeping virus that lurks around those express ways. It started well, the air-condition was perfect, the seats were so comfortable and the captain was kind enough to keep our eyes busy with series of serious action movies. I remember I saw few titles, Die Hard, Mission Impossible and several others. Although I didn’t pay attention to any of the movies since I am no fan of solely action movies the endings always get me. 


I thought it was going to be a smooth ride, I had kept myself busy with some little jobs on my tablet and any moment I remembered it was Sunday and I missed service, it gets my heart beat on the rise. We took off by 9am but before I could say “Jack Robinson” it was 2pm and then I knew this wasn’t really going to be smooth. We had got stuck in the traffic for so many hours, my colleague had converted my laps to her bed and maybe she was one of the persons who enjoyed the ride because she spent half of it sleeping. The sleeping virus tried to get me though but because my laps and shoulder was on duty, I had no option than to stay up. My neighbor would always ask me “are we not reaching the place again? What’s happening? Thought you said it is seven hours journey?” I would smile and respond “Dearie, we may exceed the time but we will get there soon” We finally got there.


So many times in the journey of life we get to that point where things aren’t working out as expected, what do we do? Do we switch off our engine and park by the road side or do we keep pushing through the traffic? Some of us had benchmarks of when to get married, build a house, run a firm and lots of other things but because things aren’t going exactly as calculated some gave up on the way and settle for the less. I have words for you, things will not always work according to your calculations but it will always work if you keep pushing. We are all on a journey, we are all moving towards our destinies and if you can look at people around you, you will discover that we all get better every day, we all improve to the point that certain people begins to pray that they get to where we are while we are not satisfied with same levels others are praying for. According to your calculations, few years after your graduation from school, you must have built your own house but you suddenly realize that after many years you weren’t able to do that, what do you do? The weak ones give up but the wise ones keep doing it big. Consistency is the key! It doesn’t mean being consistent with doing the wrong thing, it means being consistent with the right thing.


Just like the journey narrated above, it was slow but steady, there was traffic but captain kept moving. Along the line my shoulder and lap became a support for another person and together we all got to our destination in peace. You may find yourself stronger in the journey of life, look around to see that person who needs your shoulder, lend it to them let them lean on it. Be an encouragement to someone and also look around for people who will inspire you to keep moving! When people want to stop on the way and you can drag them along, do so… By dragging those along, you’ll never have to stop… Your responsibility at that time will give you more reason to keep moving because some other people depend on you to reach their destination. If you give you up, more than ten persons will give up too.


It may not happen immediately, you may not get that result just as planned, you may not achieve that project exactly as calculated but if only you can keep going, you’ll get there. One way to keep going is to have faith in God. When you have faith in God, you’re sure that He is surely with you and that He will make your way prosperous. Your efforts are simply a response to what God has already done; your efforts are actions of faith… In his journey of life it was getting difficult, the traffic was getting much and potholes started turning to erosions. David looked at this situation and declared “even if I walk through the valleys of shadows of death, I shall fear no evil for thou art with me” (Psalm 23) The knowledge of God being with him in all circumstances gave him reason to keep walking without fear. Regardless of the delays you have experienced, regardless of how bad things are turning out to be, regardless of people who are beginning to leave you and loose hope in you simply because they didn’t see results forthcoming… Be encouraged and keep moving because the Lord is with you and in you! Are you truly born again? If yes, then, this is just for you!


Don’t panic. Allow the Captain of your life (Jesus) to drive you through the hurdles. You’ll get there!




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