A good communicator is romantic!

Why? He/she do not just speak, they listen too!


No matter what your partner did wrong, the most foolish thing to do is to slam the door, walk away and cease communication, hoping that someday it will get better. It can never ever get better when communication stops flowing, the more you stay apart in the mind, the more the bonds of friendship loose it’s relevance. The only way to stay connected in the mind is to allow communication to flow. 


What happens when something suddenly starts bothering you in a relationship? Do you keep silent about it and carry mean face around? Do you start ignoring his or her calls and chats just to teach your partner a lesson? Do you start engaging in Facebook competition to prove you can be happy without your partner? No… That way, your relationship begins to crumble! When something is wrong, don’t feel guilty for feeling bad… Feeling bad means you are hurt and that means your partner means a lot to you. In that hurt, garner courage, put up a smile and say to him or her “sweety, something had been bothering about us for sometime now. Can we talk about it?”


You will discover that the moment you tell him or her what you felt they didn’t get right, you get loosed of worries… The only thing you were looking for that you never knew was an assurance that you are loved. Sometimes, you will even discover that your partner never knew you were hurt by something him or her never considered harmful. It brings an understanding that helps the both of you to flow.


The best way to confront certain issues in a relationship is not to get yourself locked out and stop the flow of communication, it is to trash it out with your partner immediately and sometimes you will just see you were sad for nothing. Love grows when it is nourished and one way to do this is to communicate in all sincerity…. You’ll never get out of that issue by switching off your phone and punishing your partner with silence… When they stop hearing your voice, they will notice that so many others have been speaking from behind. If they ever choose to listen to them, you’ll loose them or fight harder to win them back.




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