Many of us have been in situations where we seemed to look for something else to say other than quote the scriptures but then the answers we have is just right there in the Bible and we decide to air our opinions and we receive that look from people who consider themselves less religious and they say “leave Bible let us face the reality”. Sometimes when we mention Jesus in places that isn’t Church building, people give us a sign that suggests we stop calling Jesus where He is not needed as though there is really a place Jesus isn’t needed. Unfortunately, many of the people who pioneer these things are Christians. I once heard a Pastor say it is wisdom to know where to draw the word and where to draw the sword and I felt a bit uneasy accepting that lie! Why? God’s word is not bound to certain occasions, it is relevant in every field, in every circumstances and even every given moment. Regardless of the career we find ourselves in, God’s word applies to all of them! Maybe you should learn where to apply the sword but believe me, the word is applicable to everything at every time!


I have been in several gatherings organized by Christians but never tagged ‘Christian Programs’, I have no issue with not tagging it ‘Christian programs’, where I have serious issues is when I am invited to speak and I quote the Bible or talk about Jesus and someone comes to remind me that Jesus shouldn’t be talked about in that meeting since there are different people of different thoughts there! I understand I shouldn’t shove my gospel down people’s throat but that is not what I am doing, I am just being me! Outside Jesus, I don’t exist, I don’t have two lives and I don’t have two characters! I don’t have a reality outside Jesus, so, when you ask me to leave Jesus and face reality, I will remind you that if Jesus is removed from the whole thing, my life has been removed from it as there is no other reality than Jesus! This is what so many Christians fail to understand and they start living a life that doesn’t belong to them. Any life that isn’t Jesus is not our life, outside Jesus, we don’t exist. The Bible says


“…In Him we live and move and exist” Act 17:28 GNB


Our existence is in Him and not outside Him, until we acknowledge that, we may keep living as though God isn’t our sustainer and we keep derailing and making costly mistakes. What does it mean to live, move and exist in God? It means that we are sustained in Him, outside Him we die! We are active and relevant in Him; outside Him our relevance has no value! We are His expression in Him, outside Him we lack identity! So then, how does one expect me to leave God’s word aside and face reality? What other reality do I have? Jesus is my reality and you cannot expect me to function outside Him.


No wonder Paul declared in Romans 1:16 GNB “I have complete confidence in the gospel”, some translation uses “I am not ashamed of the gospel”. Why would Paul declare he isn’t ashamed of the gospel? Many times Paul had to face the Jewish people who are so soaked in the doctrines of the law that they see nothing good about the gospel of Christ which makes the law obsolete. They see Jesus as the biggest scam of the moment and therefore it is highly offensive to them. What about the Greeks? They are the elites and most educated people of that time; they have vast knowledge of natural things and are well known for their knowledge. How can one come to them to tell them a virgin conceived and gave birth? How do you expect them to believe such message when they have good knowledge of Biology and how reproduction occurs in man? How can you tell them that we are saved by one man’s sacrifice and expect them not to tag you as an insane person! This is why Jews keep looking for miracles to proof that Jesus is indeed the Messiah they should listen to, they expected a great man who would come down from heaven with herald of Angels to restore their kingdom with force but they got a man born in a manger that choose the meek and less important people over kings and high priests! The Greeks were looking for someone who would satisfy their thirst for human knowledge, it would have been more convincing if Jesus came like Pythagoras and their likes but Jesus came saying things that sounded foolish to their minds. It is in this regard that people become ashamed to preach the gospel because they don’t know how the elites will welcome their ‘foolish message’.


In 1 Corinthians 1:18-31 we see Paul explaining all of these things, God deliberately made it impossible for people to know Him by the means of their own wisdom but by the message that is regarded as foolish in the human mind. No wonder, so many scholars regard believers in Christ as idiots because we believe in things that can’t be proven by science and all of that! I am not one of those believers trying to balance the gospel with science and other human philosophies! When we are faced with great renowned scholars who don’t believe in God, can we be confident enough to preach the gospel?


At some point, Peter was ashamed of the gospel, he would be eating with gentiles but quickly withdraw at the sign of the Jews (Gal 2:11-13). He didn’t have full confidence in preaching the gospel until Paul rebuked him. Paul may have shouted at him in this manner “Brother Peter! Why are you ashamed of the gospel?” Peter knew the gospel but he was ashamed of it in the face of the Jews. It was this same Paul who rebuked him that said with all boldness “I am not ashamed of the gospel”


Now you see, even in things that people never see the need of talking about Jesus, we cannot just hide Jesus because that is exactly who we are. This doesn’t mean we must keep mentioning “Jesus” all the time but our life in its entirety is modeled after Jesus and we are not ashamed to show Jesus and preach Him in every sector! Whether in the political sector, educational sector and so on! We cannot remove Jesus from our entertainment arguing that it is secular! Truth is, the secular life of a believer is Jesus! There is no distinction between secularity and spirituality for the believer because the believer has only one life, JESUS!


I can’t be a Christian in Church gatherings and be normal outside the Church gathering, it is not possible because I have only one life and that life is Christ. The Bible says in Col 3:4 GNB “Your real life is Christ…” You see that? How else can I function outside Christ? How can you want me to work in your office and never talk about Christ, how do you want me to write exams and agree that there is no God when my very existence is a clear indication of God’s power!


Because I operate on a different environment, the words I hear passes through a filter and it makes different meaning to me. I may be working with an unbeliever in the same field but we are not the same, I have a life and I work in that life. No matter where you find me, no matter the circumstances of the occasion… I can’t leave Jesus and still face reality! If I leave Jesus, my reality is gone and I am dead!


God bless you!



Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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