I was sitting at an eatery inside a mall with some friends; we were waiting for something when I noticed a man with a very young girl sitting few steps behind us eating bread. I looked at the little girl and noticed the bandage on her face; I supposed she is a daughter of the man who wasn’t smiling. I quickly assumed things weren’t well with them, the girl looked tired and the man looked mean. As they eat their bread inside the eatery where others were busy eating expensive delicacies, I felt terribly bad! I felt they just came to have a feel of that place which happens to be the best mall in Onitsha and I quickly started wishing I was in a position to help them.


Out of pity, I have already assumed that things weren’t well with them, I have already concluded that they came to have a feel of the mall and my heart was melting as I wished there was a way I would help them. Who really told me their stories? Who told me things weren’t fine with them? Nobody! I just assumed it and the mental pictures of my assumptions formed on my head! 


As I still gazed at them with pity, the man tied up the remaining bread and put it inside a bag, then I noticed they had other bags around their table, I didn’t notice the bag. Looking at the bags, I noticed they really came for shopping and not to have a feel of the mall and I also noticed that they bought some expensive provisions. When they stood up to go, I noticed the man’s designers jean trouser and scandals and I even noticed that his supposed daughter wasn’t looking bad after all! In fact, everything I had assumed about them before disappeared as I realized they really aren’t helpless people but maybe tired people. I assumed something else! They might have come to one of the pharmacy shops at the mall to dress up a wound on the girls face, buy drugs and do some shopping!


You see, many times we live on assumptions and they start appearing as truth to us! Many times we assume that people don’t like us just because they didn’t wave at us on the road and suddenly a story begins to form around it just to give sense to our assumptions! Many times we assume that two persons are dating just because we see them taking selfie together and even getting along very well, a story begins to form around our assumptions just to make it appear as truth to us. Then we even forget we really assumed those things as we share the stories that have formed in our imaginations as truth! When the story has gone viral with credits to us, we suddenly get disgraced at the emergence of the real truth! And then we realize that the person who didn’t wave at us was only trying to be sure it was us and then we passed them giving them no chance to wave. The two persons we saw and assumed they are dating are just cousins who are fond of themselves!


I have seen people fight in defense of the stories they have assumed as truth and get disgraced at the end when the truth finally surfaces! Had I walked up to the man to offer help, he might embarrass me by saying I deliberately wanted to insult him. He might even get me beaten or disgraced in the process. While it is not wrong to assume things, we must always keep our assumptions to ourselves until we are sure our minds weren’t just playing tricks at us. We shouldn’t act on assumptions; we shouldn’t trust assumptions and handle them as truth… Until anything is proven beyond reasonable doubt, we mustn’t be quick to live on our assumptions.


Relationships get wrecked on assumptions too! This is why two persons get along so well and emotions begin to build up! One assumes they are in a relationship and another assumes they are just friends, when the one who thinks he is in a relationship realizes that the other doesn’t think so, he gets heartbroken! Why? He has been living on assumptions. Let me paint another scenario where assumption can cause problem in a relationship. Let’s call the man Jack and call the woman Jane. Jack picked up his office line to call his fiancé’s but she didn’t pick up after several attempts, he used his mobile line to dial her but she still didn’t pick up. After some minutes, he decides to use his friend’s line to dial her and she suddenly picked up and he also heard a male voice in the background. He assumes she is avoiding his call and he build up a story which says she is having an affair with the man whose voice was heard in the background. He starts acting and bringing up attitudes, he starts ignoring her until after much persuasion he decides to open up to his friend who in turn seeks for Jane’s side of the story. Jane narrates to him that she forgot her phone in her cousin’s house where she went to discuss a contract opportunity for Jack and when she came back to take her phone, she found it ringing and then picked it up! Do you see how deadly assumptions are? It’s not like people can’t lie but do you really expect your assumptions to be more truthful?


It would get longer if I should give other instances. What have you been assuming? Have you being living on assumptions and have you distanced people or created stories and issues around it? Maybe it’s time to think again and question your assumptions to see if it really holds water!


God bless you!



Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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