In the world we have several religion and they are all part of what makes up worldliness regardless of the moral qualities some of them possess. Jesus said concerning us in John 17:16 (NIV)

“They are not of the world, even as I am not of it”.

The true expression of what we are doing here on earth isn’t to take over the world but to save people from the world! While people of diverse religion want to take over the world, we are saving people from the world and bringing them into God’s marvelous light!

Understanding this will greatly affect how we live as Christians in this world! We are not fighting to overcome the world, we have already overcome it and we are now on a mission to collect our spoils! In the ancient times, when two nations engage in a war, the winner begins to gather their spoils! We are here to gather our spoils, to bring people out of the world into the kingdom of Jesus! While we do business, attend schools and engage in social activities, we know why we are here and shouldn’t be carried away!

Anyone practicing Christianity as a religion is yet to understand who Jesus is and what He came to do. This is why so many Christians fail to actually live out who they have become in Christ!

I had a prayer schedule with a partner, during this time I felt Jesus all over. I had no much words in my mouth except “I love you Lord, thank you Lord for who you are”, other times I would switch over and start praying in other tongues. I forgot anything ever existed except I and Jesus, problems and challenges became unnoticed as God’s presence overshadowed and swallowed up every imaginations.

I made no requests, I made no complaint and I just never even thought about my enemies… I just did one thing for several minutes; it was just to thank God. I felt so good, so secured and so full of His presence.

After speaking with my partner to ensure we were on the same pace, I decided to move out to the balcony and have some breath of fresh air around 12:40am, it was noisy out there, several people were praying too and they were so loud that I could pick out each voice and hear what they are saying. It was not my first time hearing them pray, I always stay awake in the night and sleep early in the morning, so I hear them pray every time.

But today my attention was drawn to what they were all praying about. Well, I became disappointed with so many Christians and how they waste a wonderful time they should have used in enjoying God’s presence.

All of them were almost saying the same thing in different ways. One was asking God to arise and scatter his enemies; the other was calling on the God of her Pastor to sentence her enemies to death and grant her freedom from their oppressions. They prayed for about 2 hours and in all their prayers, they simply kept calling God to destroy their enemies. One was particularly asking God to punish the children of those who are gossiping about her, she asked that their children become useless and helpless. Something began to drop in my Spirit, the problem of Christians today.

I remember my prayer partner had a robbery attack where her phone which contained very important files was snatched but she still spent the night thanking God and loving Him with the fruits of her lips rather than cursing the robber. I discovered why many believers are yet to pray the right kind of prayer or live out their Christian lives. It is because they don’t hear the right gospel, they are not taught by people who are grounded in the word of truth! They may belong to popular congregations but a congregation that don’t reveal Jesus! No one receives the revelation of Jesus and still chooses to use all his night and morning to fight enemies! We have a life that is entirely different from what is obtainable in the world. To the world, we live a very foolish life because they simply don’t understand us. I also discovered why believers are busy agitating and complaining, it is because they don’t understand who we truly are. In one of our fellowship meetings, I told my brethren that it is easy to see Muslim countries but not Christian countries… Why? We are not part of this world! Anything called Christian country isn’t anything less than just a mere religious country.

Our duty here on earth isn’t to establish Christian countries but to go into the world and plunder it! We have no walls or gates, we keep advancing into the world and we keep saving people out of it! We don’t belong to this world even as we take part in the affairs of the world including leadership in a bid to keep advancing Jesus!

What do you expect of believers who attend Churches where the only thing they do throughout the week is “Business Breakthrough, Family Liberation, Operation naked the devil, Operation Judgment, My Miracle must show, enough is Enough, Your problem needs a Prophet…” and lots of other things they focus on. You see a Christian attend a particular Church for one year and the only thing they are asked to do in Church is to pray for breakthrough, deliverance, death of enemies and all of that. What do you expect of such a believer? Why would a believer be seeking for deliverance? It is because they are not taught that they were delivered at the point they got born again! Why would a believer still be praying for his enemies to die? It is because they are not taught that they have overcome the world.

What do we hope to get from such believers when they have been programmed to see every church service as a time to fight enemies and request for material things from God instead of learning who they are in Christ!

Jesus said in John 16:33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world” Do you see that? Yes, it is obvious that even as believers we will still experience troubles in this world but Jesus showed us one way to live above it! How? By magnifying the peace of God and by having courage in the truth that Jesus has overcome the world! So when we face troubles what do we do? We just thank God and celebrate the victory we have in Him through Christ our Lord.

Jesus didn’t say He will overcome the world; He assured us that He has overcome the world even before He died on the cross! But because so many Christians are raised to see more of their enemies and less of God, they don’t become thankful for what God has done, they rather become even devilish because they are still carnally minded!

Paul wrote in Colossians 1:13 (NIV)

“For He has rescued us from the dominion of darkness ad brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves”.

God isn’t promising to rescue us; He has rescued us from darkness and brought us into His different kingdom! In the New Testament, the only thing we give ourselves unto is the word of God and nothing else!

Why? Because the more we study the word, the more we become what the word of God talks about! Sometimes people argue that there are places in the Bible that contains words which supports certain things they do but we must always understand that there certain passages in the Bible that isn’t meant for the new creature in Christ Jesus!

For instance, we can possibly find a character in the Old Testament who is asking God to destroy his enemies but you cannot find such in the New Testament.

In fact, when the disciples wanted to imitate one of the Prophets of the Old Testament by calling down fire to destroy their enemies (Luke 9:54), Jesus rebuked them! He said

“ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of. For the son of man is not come to destroy lives, but to save them” Luke 9:55-56 (KJV).

While this statement is omitted in several translations because they were translated from different Greek sources, they all agree that Jesus rebuked them! Even if we would want to use a verse of the Bible that all versions agrees with, Jesus said in John 3:17 (NIV) “for God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him”.

Now you see? How we do things are entirely different from that of the people of the Old Testament because they didn’t have Christ in them, they only walked in shadows while we are walking in the reality.

Some Christians spend all of their time making unnecessary demands and even unbiblical demands simply because they have not come to knowledge talk more of coming to maturity. This is why we see Christianity being misrepresented in our nollywood movies as a place where Jesus and native doctors test power to see who is stronger; they present Christianity as a community of people who are committed to fighting their enemies or seeking for deliverance from one thing to another.

This is because even the writers of those movies aren’t matured believers or never born again! Hebrews 6:1 (NIV) says

“therefore let us move beyond the elementary teachings about Christ and be taken forward to maturity, not laying again the foundation of repentance from acts that leads to death, and of faith in God”

You see, it is not supposedly repentance from works that leads to death, other versions of the bible renders it better. It is works in which there is no principle of life! It means works that are not backed up by the Spirit.

So, many believers are the way they are because they have not come to maturity and it is unfortunate to say that many professed believers have not even come to the knowledge of truth at all!

This is why so many believers are not responsible! They are the ones agitating, complaining and murmuring about the economy of the world, the bad leadership systems and all of that! All they do is to complain but never take responsibility because they were never taught that we have a culture as believers and our culture isn’t controlled by the systems of this world!

Many Christians have been distracted from the main thing into unnecessary things! They are concerned that someone cursed them; they are concerned that someone criticized them, they are concerned literally about everything and they forget that we are simply called to preach the good news and make disciples of all nations! The church becomes a place to seek for solution instead of a place to get disciple in the word.

If at this point, your prayers are still all about yourself, the death of your enemies, the punishment of those who cursed you and all of that, it means you haven’t grown! You need to locate a community of believers where you can grow in faith! If what your Pastor tells you isn’t about Jesus, God’s love and all that pertains to His Grace, you need to change a Pastor, you need to change congregation so that you can grow.

You will never find a single place in the New Testament where Christians were praying for the death of their enemies, business breakthrough, total deliverance and all those topics founded on lies and deceit! This is how we lost it… People became very selfish and lost passion for souls! That is why someone will stay awake all night praying for the death of his enemies.

On the contrary, Jesus said in Luke 6:28 (NIV)

“bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you”

He never asked us to pray for their death but to declare blessings upon them.

It breaks my heart when people bear the title evangelist but they aren’t winning souls, they are rather championing programs like “Operation kill your enemies”, yet they claim to be evangelist! Evangelists are soul winners!

If your business isn’t going well, it is right to declare God’s word, have faith in God but then study to see best ways to handle your business! Jesus never came to give us things that has no eternal value, those one are things you can do for yourself.

Unbelievers make money and they don’t pray to get it, many of them aren’t into illegal business too! It is a natural principle, if you work you eat. Pray and fast all you want, nothing changes about your finances if you don’t work and study to grow your business.

What the Church should be all about is to disciple the saved and preach the good news to the unsaved. Christianity is a different world and what we do is learn how to live out our Christian life here on earth until our mission is completed and we are called back home.

When you understand these things, you function differently. It is the people of this world that are every ready to criticize, condemn and seek for vengeance but we aren’t here to destroy our enemies but to usher them into a different kingdom where they will become like us!

What the believer in Christ Jesus needs now isn’t business breakthrough or healing, or deliverance from enemies! They already received all of that from the point of salvation. They only need to know what they have and who they are by renewing their mind with God’s word.

Once the mind is renewed with the word of God, perspective begins to change and the believer stops seeing like the people of the world! They stop seeing reasons to criticize and condemn and start seeing reasons to admonish and love! They stop seeing their enemies and start seeing souls that must be saved! They stop seeing failures and start seeing success! Paul wrote in Romans 12:2

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – his good, pleasing and perfect will.”

You see that? The world has a pattern, not necessarily about immorality! They just have a pattern including the way they define justice.

For instance, in Christianity, what the world calls jungle justice isn’t justice at all in Christianity! In the world, there are ethnic divides but in Christ we are one! In the world, women are considered inferior and some women consider themselves superior but in Christ there is a balance! We are all one and co-heirs with Christ! In the world, there are agitations here and there, there are lack of respect and honor for leaders but in Christ we see differently!

Only when the mind of the believer is renewed that he will understand and know what God’s will is! So you see, many prayers that un-renewed believers pray are simply worldly prayers or if we would use a better word, empty noise! The moment the mind is renewed, all things starts coming into place!

Now you see, Christianity is life! It is God’s life being made manifest in man! It is an expression of divinity in humanity! When Jesus asked us to love, He was saying “the only way to act like God is to love”. This means God can only love! That is a teaching for another day!

I wish I could communicate everything in my heart but time would fail me!


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      1. You are welcome George 😊. Your blog is really awesome and inspiring. You have a great gift within you.Please continue blogging and inspire people around you 😊. And if you can please do visit my blog and let me know about it. It would be really helpful 😊. This is the link to my blog


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  1. Reblogged this on Call 2 Witness and commented:
    Christianity is not a religion in which man strive to get to God, but it is a way of life in which God came to us and won the victory over death and sin, and we get to share in His victory when place our hope in Him. Let us live in this victory and not live according to the fears of this world.

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  2. That’s so good, Christianity has been made complicated, but Jesus came to make it simple: He said God’s commandment is “Love, love love,” it’s a one step process, become love! Thanks for writing this, I’ll be sure to follow this blog to see future posts, and I would adore to have someone like you read anything I wrote! God bless!

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