Sometimes… We need to pause and ask ourselves “where are we rushing to? Must it happen now now?”… Abraham received promises from God but it never happened in a flash… In fact to the moment Abraham died, his physical eyes didn’t see these things manifest. He wasn’t in a rush because he knew “if God promised it, He will fulfill it. I just have to allow Him do His thing”.


You must not do that mega crusade because your friends are doing it. You must not hold that concert because your friends are doing it. You must not rent a ware house and start up a Church gathering because your mates are doing it. You must not marry because your junior ones are already getting married… You aren’t rushing to anywhere. 


One day I looked around me and my mates were either doing great in their business, doing their masters in UK,  getting married and all of that! I got a bit worried. One of those days I was in a committee and everyone had a car and lived in their own rented apartment. I was the only one who still lived in my parents house, who couldn’t boast of a completed academic program and who couldn’t boast of any tangible material thing… Yet, I was considered the most skillful! To be frank… I got worried. I got mad at myself and I even wanted to get mad at God for making me and putting me in a place where I never had access to those things my mates had early access to, I was in the University and then I had to pause till I could afford to continue. I was beginning to magnify these things that I started forgetting some great things God has been able to do through me. 


I wanted to just hit it in a flash but then it seemed my senses came back and I asked myself “where are you rushing to?”… I realised I was worried for nothing. I have seen my future, I know how great it looked, I wasn’t going to relax and it just happen anyway but I wasn’t to rush into it. It just happens in its time. Then, I calmed down, looked at the little things I had achieved, this same things weren’t achieved by the people I envied. Those people I wished I had become were also wishing they had what I had and then I bowed and said to God “I am so sorry for getting mad at you for nothing… Thank you for who you are making of me everyday”


I may not be able to afford my future but I am not the one to sponsor it anyway. God designed it, I have leaved it to Him to handle. 


Right now… The rush is over. I have chosen to walk with God. 



Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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