Dear Pastor, 


If you will be too busy to care for your wife & kids, don’t marry in the first place. If you can’t be that romantic man your woman prayed for, please… Become celibate and don’t put a woman under a lifetime cage. Everyday is not “fasting & prayer”, take your wife to beautiful places, make her feel loved and cherished. Cinema, Game House and other beautiful places are not restricted to Pastors. 


Your children needs to have a feel of what a father is. Have time and spend it with them, you can’t bring children into the world and ignore them in the name of being a Pastor. I know you are passionate about winning the entire world but taking care of your family cannot stop you from winning the world. Let the win with you…


Its not abomination to have sex with your wife on Sunday morning talk more of Saturday night and other nights that she needed you. God enjoys seeing you get intimate with your partner, He delights in it. Don’t come home every night speaking in tongue, sometimes what your wife needs is your arms and sweet words. It doesn’t decrease your anointing. It is not carnality… It is spiritual, highly spiritual!


To your wife, you are a husbad and to your children you are a father. Provide for their need and stop pretending that you are training them to start having faith! Be their mentor, don’t chase them to start looking for lifr outside the family God has brought them into.


Don’t be on suit all your life, dress casual and carry your family round the city. Let them go to gospel tours with you, let them share tracts with you and even stand on stage with you sometimes. Don’t fly from city to city forgetting that you have a family. If you must keep flying, let them keep flying with you.


I will always say this “as a married Pastor, if you can make provisions for I & my wife, don’t invite me to your event or programs. She is my wife, my help meet and my assist!”


Being a Pastor doesn’t mean being an unloving husband and father… 


Pastors are romantic… We are not rigid.



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