That you slept and wake up shouldn’t be a surprise or a thing of awe, it is not an experience of the miraculous, it is a normal human life. You are not designed to sleep and never wake up as even animals do sleep and wake up. What should surprise us is when you sleep and don’t wake up. In the same manner, as a believer divinely sponsored success is not an experience of the miraculous, it is your right as a Child of God. You shouldn’t be surprised by success; we rather should be surprised when you fail. Failing as a believer is not a good representation of who you are; the Spirit led man does not fail. Of course this doesn’t mean it will be good all the time but it means that both the good and the bad works for the good of them who love God.


When the Bible says “all things work together for good to them who love God” (Romans 8:28), it didn’t say all good things will work but all things including the good and the bad! So, when the bad happens the believer in Christ Jesus does not fail and when the good happens, the believer in Christ Jesus still does not fail. People may actually see failure but the believer will not end that way if of course he walks in the direction of the spirit. The Holy Spirit cannot lead you astray; remember that the Holy Spirit is God dwelling inside of man (Colossians 1:27). The psalmist caught this revelation and he prophetically declared “the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want… He leads me beside the still waters, he restores my soul… He leads me in the path of righteousness, even though I walk through the valleys of shadows of death, I shall fear no evil” (Psalm 23).


The believer in Christ Jesus doesn’t just have God with him; he has God inside of Him. Sheep don’t beg the shepherd for food, sometimes the shepherd has to pamper the sheep to eat. If the Lord is our shepherd then it’s not a miracle when we don’t have wants that are not met, prosperity is not a miracle, divine health is not a miracle for the believer because those qualities are inherent in the DNA of God’s children. This is exactly why Jesus said we shouldn’t act like pagans who are anxious of what to eat, what to wear and what to drink because our father in heaven already knows what we need.


Those who are lost in the thought of what to wear, eat and drink are those who do not have a relationship with God. They are concerned about themselves because they do not have a father who is concerned about them, this does not imply God isn’t concerned about them but because they do not know God, He is alien to them and they don’t see Him, they are simply without hope as long as they remain without relationship with God. A child without caretaker has a lot to contend with, when the wind come his feet will not be strong enough to stand and there would never be a time he would be strong because nobody is feeding him to health. Many are like that spiritually.


Well, some other people have a father but still live like fatherless people because they do not understand the role of their father, they struggle to do what they shouldn’t be struggling for; they try to play the role of their fathers in their own life and therefore relegate their father to the background. So, it is possible that someone looks fatherless even with a father as a result of ignorance! No wonder God lamented “my people perish because they lack knowledge” (Hosea 4:6). Look at that statement, they are God’s people, they are people who are separated to display the glory of God, they are people who are marked out for victory and prosperity but they perish, they die in ill health, they live in poverty, they experience all manner of things as though God doesn’t exist but this is because they have not allowed God to play his role, they do not know who they are, who God is and what they can do in God. They perish not because they did something wrong, they perish simply because they don’t know.


When Jesus was talking to them in Matthew 6:31-34, he was not addressing pagans; he was talking to people who held claims to Abraham’s blessings. He wasn’t accusing them of being anxious, he was correcting them to stop being anxious. If they had never being anxious of what to eat, drink and wear He wouldn’t have talked about it, He talked about it because they were guilty of it. Jesus was revealing the nature of God to them, Jesus was revealing to them the nature of their relationship with God and the rights they had in that relationship. If people of the old covenant had such relationship with God in the sense that God’s provision is their right, how much more people who have God living inside of them? This is where you realize that we do not even need healing, we rather become healing to others, we do not need miracles, and we become miracles to others. But we cannot be a blessing to people when we have not acknowledged that we aren’t just blessed, we are a blessing! God’s children struggle like people without God because they do not know that God knows what they need. You see, needing those things isn’t the problem. Jesus never said we do not need them; Jesus never undermined the importance of material and spiritual blessings which comes from God, Jesus understands the role these things play in our lives on earth and it is His desire that we enjoy them! But then, the reason we never ever need to be anxious of them is because God knows that we need them. God is interested!


Why do we never need to worry about the needs of this life? It is because we have a father who knows what we need and the Bible says in 1 Peter 5:7 “cast all your cares upon Him because He cares for you”, it is not in your job description to care for yourself. You have a father who cares; you shouldn’t be experiencing what pagans are experiencing. They do not have a father, they have chosen to call things made by hands their father and they are subject to failure but you have a father who lives forever!


This is a clear indication that anyone who lacks relationship with God lacks help. In verse 33, it means when you align your heart with God’s will and purposes, everything that pagans are struggling for becomes yours without your efforts, without struggles and stress. This is why a believer who knows his place in God comes to the throne of Grace with boldness. He comes with boldness as a result of knowledge, he knows that he has everything he needs not because he was able to do so many things right but because he knows he has a father who cares! I am not the provider, God is the provider. On our own end we can only reach out and receive what God has given to us.

George 0.N

House of Vasileia


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