Christianity is obviously the only gathering of people where there is always joy and liberty. Other people might be doing so many rules to see if certain things will materialize in their lives but believers dance and celebrate the experience of God’s love. The knowledge of our place in Christ affects so many things including our character and response to God’s love. From Matthew 1-7 we see that anyone who has the right relationship with God will obviously have good relationship with man. A man who understands his place in Christ will not subject himself to any kind of thing because he is a sacred being (1 Corinthians 6:19). When you belong to God, you are sacred, you don’t throw yourself to uncertainties, you don’t act anyhow and you don’t speak failure.


Jesus says further “Ask… Seek… Knock” (Matthew 7:7), these are levels of communication with God that is fueled by our understanding of how much access we have in God. Remember, we do not just seek first the Kingdom but also God’s righteousness. This is why many people want to go to heaven but they do not know what God’s righteousness is. Seeking God’s righteousness means to discover, learn and meditate on the beauty of God, the qualities of God and His realities. God’s righteousness is portrayed in our prosperity as believers. The revelation of God’s righteousness is the manifestation of my success and godly nature. That is to say, when I am loving, prospering and successful, God’s righteousness is being displayed. God’s provision for my need is His righteousness and when I am seeking His righteousness, I am seeking to understand who I am designed to be as the bible made it clear that I am the righteousness of God! In Romans 1:17 we see that God’s righteousness is His character. God’s character is revealed in His word.


Like I said earlier, there are three levels of experiencing the realities of our inheritance in Christ Jesus. I will briefly talk on them as we round up this teaching.


ASK: Jesus said “ask and you shall be given”; a better rendering of this place would read “ask and you shall receive”. The most important word here is ‘receive’ because it reveals to us what ‘ask’ means. Jesus was speaking to them at the time He hadn’t gone to the cross, it was a time that asking for God’s kingdom to come was still relevant. At that time they never knew God’s kingdom had come as a person. Jesus was talking about the kingdom just like He said earlier in Matthew 6:10 “thy kingdom come”. Now, since we know the kingdom of God is Jesus, by believing in Him, we receive the kingdom and like we read earlier, all other things are added unto us because all things are in Jesus and all things was made by Him and for Him (John 1:3, Colossians 1:16). The bible says in John 3:16 “anyone who believes shall not perish but receive eternal life”. Now you see, asking here wasn’t about material things. When we believe in Jesus, we have received what our spirit is asking for! If Jesus says all things are included in the kingdom, He wouldn’t be asking us to ask for other things.


SEEK: So many believers continue to ask for what they have received because they do not know that they have received it. Asking is not seeking, asking brings about receiving but seeking brings about discovery. When you seek, you discover. This is why the bible says in Matthew 6:33 “seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness”. I have explained this before; when you seek God’s righteousness you are finding or discovering who you are! It is like a man who knows that a car company has gifted him a car, he will need to seek and find out where the car is and what the car looks like. Since we are the righteousness of God, seeking His righteousness means discovering who we are in the kingdom of God. This is why we can say “I am not the poor but the rich discovering what belongs to me”. Seeking is another level of experience. We are the righteousness of God (2 Corinthians 5:21) and by seeking, we are discovering ourselves.


KNOCK: Now, when you know what you have in Christ the only thing that will prevent you from not experiencing it is if you do not walk in! You walk into your inheritance because you know it is yours. The bible says “come to the throne of Grace with boldness”; we are coming with boldness because it is our right! We are entering with boldness because whatever belongs to our father belongs to us! We are not knocking because we are missing the road; we are knocking because we know where our inheritance is. We do this in the place of confessing the word and prayers. When you have sought and found, only then can you pray in knowledge! Now, if you are faced with challenges, you already know who you are and whose you are! You stand in the name of Jesus and claim your inheritance! You are not begging for it, you know it is yours and therefore you are forming it into physical shapes! When God finished His creation in the first chapter of Genesis, He brought it into physical shape. By praying, we are laboring with God to bring spiritual things into physical realities. So many rich believers will die poor because they never knew they were rich and some never brought their wealth into physical shape! This is why you must not be lazy to pray, it is in the place of prayer that you command the power you already have! The bible says the earnest prayer of the righteous avails much (James 5:16).  What does that mean? Avail means “very useful or helpful. It also means to be of use or advantage and we can also say it means to produce result”. You see that? The earnest or heartfelt (sincere) prayer of the man who is called by the name of Jesus is very useful and it produces result! You cannot sincerely pray a prayer and it doesn’t produce result! Remove your mind from things you couldn’t do right, do not let the devil make you command less power by filling your mind with guilt! Just enter into your inheritance through sincere prayers! You are a righteous man not by works but b faith in Christ Jesus (Romans 4:16).


Now that you know you can do the extraordinary, what are you waiting for? 

You were never designed to be limited. Don’t be comfortable with failure and poverty; don’t be comfortable with sickness because it is not in your nature! Don’t be comfortable with anger, jealousy, lack of passion for souls and hatred. Those things are not in your nature, you were saved from them and you have God’s nature! The same spirit in Jesus is at work in you, it is God working in you to fulfill His own purposes (1 Thessalonians 2:13, Hebrews 13:21, Ephesians 2:10, Philippians 2:10).


Manifest now!


_George 0.N_

House of Vasileia


Social Network: @georgennad



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