I was thinking lately to see if it is wrong to be attracted to something because it’s attractive. I saw no reason to fault it because we are wires to respond to things that attracts us. 


Certain things get our attention not because they are too good but because they are attractive. 


Certain other things don’t get our attention, not because they are bad but because they are not attractive. 


However, when we go for the attractive ones and discover they have little value we give up on it more quickly. On the other hand, we tend to go for the less attractive ones only when it has become the only choice left. 


What is my point? 

I am not going to be asking you not to go for attractive things. I love attractive things too… I love it when it’s beautiful. You can not truly get man never to go for what is attractive unless the choice isn’t there anymore. Man looks at the appearance, God looks at the heart. This is the pecularity of it. 


I am simply saying… Be attractive and be full of quality so that when someone connects to you because of attraction, he or she will stay back because of your value. Same applies to what you do… Make it attractive and retain it’s quality. 


You think I will be going for a less attractive woman for a wife? There is attraction before there is an understanding… You think I will be going for a shattered looking car that has good engine? Why the engine is important, I derive pleasure from the satisfactory of my sight-sense. You think I can for a dirty house, just because it’s cheap? Believe me, I love comfort. In Igbo land, an adage says “the eyes eats before the mouth”.

All that glitter is not good but that doesn’t mean gold doesn’t glitter. 


It depends on what you are attracted to and it depends on what beauty means to you…. It is a matter of perception. 


God bless you. 



Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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