These are quotes I carefully crafted bearing the emotional people in mind. This is because I am also a high sensitive person and I see from their perspective. I believe it will benefit you or your friend. 


Read and share 



Everyone can’t feel the same way you feel about them. Deal with it! 



People understand commitments differently. Don’t think everyone will wake up and call you just because you call them everytime you wake up. It’s not what you feel that they feel. Deal with it.



That something means nothing to you doesn’t mean it is nothing to someone else. We all have different perceptions to life. Try to understand other people’s perceptions, it will make you relate better with them. Deal with it. 



Silence can be the best answer to a fool and the worst answer to your friend. Your friend is not a fool. No matter what happens don’t just go silent on a friend unnecessarily unless you make friends with fools. Deal with it. 



Sometimes you need to explain why you took an action that hurt another persons feelings because by giving your reasons you’re teaching him/her to understand you too. For example “I didn’t pick your calls because I wanted to speak with you when I have enough space to do that”… When unexplained, great reasons can become a nuclear bomb to a relationship. Deal with it. 



Communication is an effective way of building a relationship. Unfortunately, communication when done wrongly can bring a lasting damage to a relationship. Choose your words wisely and communicate certain things only when they make sense. Deal with it.



 Sometimes “I am sorry” can be the antidote for shipwreck in a relationship. Don’t think you have overused the word… Use them often. We all drink water hoping to quench our thirst after all. Deal with it. 



When you discover you’re becoming too obsessed with someone who isn’t feeling the same way about you, try distracting yourself a bit by engaging in other activities with other people. You are not designed to exist solely for one person. However, never try blaming him/her for not being obsessed with you too… It’s ultimately healthy to live without people. Deal with it. 


Now this is my favorite… 


Over familiarity can damage a relationship. The relationship that lasts is that in which both get in love with each other everyday. This is where loving one another has moved from attraction to decision. Deal with it. 


Now let’s move to a more personalized check up. 


Being a high sensitive person, I easily get hurt because I am very attentive to details. But I learnt to understand when people meant to hurt me and when they never meant to, this way I have been able to put myself under check. Deal with it. 



If you are not a high sensitive person (emotional), you’ll never understand why they feel the way they do. Only a high sensitive person can truly understand what goes on inside of him/her. They didn’t wire themselves that way, they just came on earth and realized this is who they are. They only learn to cope and live with it. Deal with it. 



Being an emotional person (HSP), I used to regret being that way until I discovered that the gift of being emotional can only be tapped when we learn to take mastery of ourselves. Deal with it. 



If you are an emotional person, learn to have healthy fun! It relieves you and make you think well… Deal with it. 



Emotional people can be the best people you ever come across if you can bear their swing of mood. It takes a lot of patience to start getting used to it and get them take mastery of their personality. Deal with it.



 The biggest gifts you can give emotional people is understanding them. If you can understand them, you can love and appreciate them. Emotional people automatically loves anyone who understands them and see their personality as unique and not as flaws. Deal with it. 



Emotional people are too caring to a fault. Sometimes they need a friend that can withhold them from helping those who don’t need it. Deal with it.



Male or Female… 

Emotional people can cry and when they do it, it is not another form of crocodile tears. Deal with it. 



If you can’t write, learn how to. It is one proven way to prevent yourself from committing suicide when it seems the world is against your good deeds and love. Writing makes you feel much better. Deal with it. 



Emotional people pour out their hearts on paper through the inks when there is no one to talk to. Deal with it. 



The writings of emotional people is greatly attached to their personality. Emotional people are born great writers just that many of them do not realize it. Deal with it. 


Okay, let me just add this before people start thinking funny… 


Being emotional is not being weak. Emotional people are strong. 


Now, you wouldn’t just believe I started putting this down as a means of relieving myself off certain things stuck in my head. Well, I’d say it worked. 


God bless you. 



Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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