Parents contributed to the abuse of sex when they weren’t courageous enough to teach their children the basic things they needed to know about sex. I was told “if you touch a girl, you become HIV positive”, my body touched my female neighbor and I almost died in fear when I went for a mandatory HIV test required by the Junior Seminary school I attended. 


Until my SS1 3rd term class, I never knew what was involved in the act of sex. Only then did I realise I had been sexually abused by a homosexual in the seminary school who would come after lights out to lick and suck my body. I didn’t know what he was doing but I just wasn’t comfortable with it and I was afraid to talk. 


Our parents told us we have hands, they told us we can use those hands for creativity and they cautioned us against using it to express “waka”. They told us we have mouth which we can use to speak, swallow or eat foods and they cautioned against using it to say irrelevant things. This they did with the ear, the nose,  the head, leg and other visible parts that clothes couldn’t hide. But then, they made a grave mistake. They weren’t proud to teach us that we have penis, breast, vagina and other organs… They didn’t tell us their uses and they didn’t caution us against abusing them! When we ask questions concerning those parts of our body they don’t tell us their names, they rather call it toyish names and make us ignorant of it.


It is painful that they saw us come into this world naked, they touched us everywhere, bath us and admired us in our original appearance… Yet, they acted as though they never saw those parts of our body and we grew up not knowing those were the part of our bodies where the strongest force on earth is locked up. We never knew they are parts of our body and was supposed to be under our control just like the hands and other parts. 


Unfortunately, some of us go out there in the world and learn it the hard way. So many mess would have been prevented, just if our parents weren’t religious with telling us what we needed to know. If this sounds useless to you, I am afraid to say you aren’t useful.


Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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