Preaching the gospel has nothing to do with loosing respect for people who started before us! If they made a mistake, shut up and just learn from their mistakes. Magnify the great things they have done and make a good report of them.


Preaching the gospel doesn’t mean calling names and making mockery of people, it means preaching Jesus and Jesus alone. Gospel preachers are not critics, it is not wrong to make a career of being a critic… If you want to be a critic, face it and start reviewing books but leave the gospel out of it. Gospel preachers pronounces Jesus and Jesus alone. 


Sometimes gospel preachers are misunderstood but it is not our business to make people get pleased with us. Gospel preachers preach what only the Spirit have revealed and we shouldn’t think it will go down well with everyone, especially the religious folks who interpret with their senses. We just have to sow the seed of God’s word and nurture it to growth. The Apostles were all persecuted even as they preached the exciting gospel. Religious people will always make mockery of gospel preachers but I have known better and have found out that it is not our duty to respond to their mockery. We just have to continue preaching Jesus. 


I think that when we stop fighting for relevance and reputation, and focus on what we have been called to do, we will not be distracted by what people say, what people see, what people think and all of that. We have no reputation after all, Jesus is our reputation… Allow Him to be seen. 


You can’t truly do this kingdom work without passion. I can’t say that the people who brought Christianity to Nigeria didn’t do a good job. I don’t care what they preached but whatever they started doing has prevailed! God used them, they made themselves available to be used. They were used mightily and with passion they left their comfort, sojourned in a land they never knew and planted the seed of the gospel. No matter how the revelation have progressed, it is God’s work that they did and it has continued getting better. 


It is this same passion for souls and the spread of the gospel that we need in this time. Let passion for relevance and fame be done with. Let’s do away with the ‘popularity contest’ and face the work of our father. 

God bless you. 



Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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