In 2015, I was summoned by a certain known evangelist who I respect so much after one of the meetings I presided over while serving in a vibrant youth ministry. For me it was a privilege to have been summoned by this great personality because I had so much admiration for him from childhood and I still do.


When I got to his office, he sat me down and told me something that shocked me which I tried my best to handle. He said

“I picked the Bible study materials you wrote for your Conference. I learnt you wrote them yourself… I have some issues with it. You wrote exactly like Pastor Chris that I assumed you copied it straight from one of his books”

“No sir, I didn’t copy it from any of his books. I wrote it as I studied certain places in the Bible” I responded

“You can’t tell me you didn’t copy it. When I read them, I see Pastor Chris speaking” he said

I didn’t know if I should start jumping up or rolling on the floor, I was excited that I wrote like Pastor Chris. He said

“I have a problem with you being influenced greatly by Pastor Chris. I don’t need to ask if you listen to him. He is not a man of God, he is an agent of darkness who is bent on destroying believers with lies painted in little truth. I have followed you silently on social media before now, I love your zeal, I love what you do but you must do away with Pastor Chris’s teachings. They aren’t helping you because they are demonic.”

“sir” I said politely “when I was looking for a mentor and role model as a young believer, I wasn’t privileged to go under the mentorship of anyone because I had no privilege of coming close to anyone. It was the teachings of Pastor Chris that has kept blessing me. He has been a blessing to my life and am glad no one ever distracted me from him”

“Son, I love you and that’s why I called you. If you need mentorship, come to me. I will give you all the support you ever needed. Just go home, throw away anything from Pastor Chris that you have. Then, come to me… I have messages that will help you”

I didn’t want to prolong the talk, I nodded and left his office. I boarded a taxi from Awka, straight to Onitsha and stopped at Christ Embassy Onitsha Zonal headquarters in Nkpor and picked up more messages. I remember I bought “SPIRITUAL WARDARE part 1&2”

I didn’t stop listening. I have continued without regrets. The next time I met that evangelist in a program, I had become the topic of his sermon as it was “WAR AGAINST GRACE PREACHERS”


Thanks in a million Pastor Chris for saying yes to Jesus. I haven’t read so many Christian books, I haven’t listened to so many preachers, it has just been you and few others because when it comes to what I listen to, I am too picky.

I came across your teachings as a young Christian who just newly encountered the revelation of His grace. The first teaching of yours I listened to was “ENTHRONED”, since then I have not stopped listening to you. Your teachings brought about growth and clarity to the revelation of God’s grace which I received in the place of study. You’re not just God’s gift to the world, you’re God’s gift to me.


For so many years, I couldn’t listen to a single Nigerian preacher nor buy their materials except yours! You’ve got everything I needed in a Pastor. At some time, the Holy Spirit has used his face to talk to me in vision and dream.


I wasn’t privileged to have a mentor as a young believer and preacher, but I wasn’t misguided because I had access to your ministry materials. Thank you man of God for saying yes to Jesus…


Happy Birthday MY ROLE MODEL!

George O.N loves you!



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