​I came across a short post on facebook that ridiculed single pastors who teach on the subject of marriage and it worried me. It worried me because I thought the poster has known beyond the level of questioning those things, I also became worried because I have been a popular figure in that circle with regards to the fact that I teach on relationships frequently. At first I had wanted to ignore it but then I decided to make a quick comment on it. Such normally don’t serve as articles on my blog but I have decided to start accommodating short write-ups on this platform… Never knew what I have been holding away from the world when I only post long articles on my blog and take the short ones to the social media. 


Many football coaches never played ball, many good footballers are not good coaches. Let’s get this one aside. 
Don’t limit what the Holy Spirit can do by depending on your experiences. If your experience is your message, you don’t have a message. The Holy Spirit teaches all things, I mean all things without reserve. Jesus didn’t work in a winepress but He turned water into wine, He didn’t work in a hospital but He healed the sick and raised the dead… Jesus didn’t Marry but He taught about marriage and even said “we will do more than we saw Him did on earth”. All these were done in the power of the spirit. 


Your experiences can teach you lessons but when the Holy Spirit teaches you, you are exceptional. 


That is my reply to those who ask “how can a single pastor teach about marriage”


Marriage… Is it not God who instituted it? Is it not God who is at work in me? (Philippians 2:13) If God is at work in me, then marriage is a little thing to talk about. 


I am single but am not limited! 




Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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