We are on a journey and each day counts the steps you have taken, they may be steps of inactivity or steps of progress. Every new day or new year is a reminder that time don’t pause when you pause, it keeps going whether you don’t want to go further!

Believe me, there is nothing special about a new year if you decide to take it casually. There is nothing about any year if there is nothing new about your plans. Stop thinking 2018 will come with goodies, you are the one to come into 2018 with great plans. 2018 is just a number, you’re the one to make it exceptional. 

There is nothing new about any new year. It is just a count of numbers in the same old world. Don’t wait till it is new year to implement that plan… You are not crossing over to another planet, you are still here in the world and you’ll still be approached by your debtors if you have not cleared your debts. You’ll still be hungry if you have not eaten… The colour of the sky will not change and the atmosphere will simply remain the same. However, every new year is a reminder that time waits for no man, that you aren’t getting any younger and that in no short time you may not be able do more if you have failed to do it now. Therefore, don’t wait till its new year to start doing new things.




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