Don’t be overwhelmed by your mistakes, don’t be overwhelmed by things you couldn’t achieve, don’t be overwhelmed by things you are not proud of.


Excuse me, who ever lived a perfect physical life on earth? Who ever lived flawlessly or without mistakes? Don’t let people condemn you because they witnessed certain things you couldn’t do well! Don’t magnify things you aren’t proud off, magnify those things you are proud off. You made mistake yesterday, don’t worry, it was a process… It shows you are growing, it shows you are getting better! Peter denied Jesus, yet Peter won souls for Jesus! Paul persecuted Christians and yet he won souls for Jesus, it happened because they all got better.


When I witness people’s mistakes, I hate to ever remind them of it, I hate situations that brings up the news because I believe we get better everyday! Who never made mistakes? Yours is not the worst! Learn from them, celebrate yourself and move on!


Now, I started with smile!

Why smile? When you are confronted with challenges, think about the victory. When you are confronted with mistakes, think of the lessons! When you see the great future you have, you can only but smile! When you see the victories over every challenge, you can only smile.


Smile when it seems impossible! Smile when people never expected it from you! Just smile in the midst of tears, when things you couldn’t understand happens, just smile. When the worst happens, you can give it your best… Just smile!


Come on, life is too beautiful to be wasted magnifying frustrations, misunderstandings and all of that. After you have worn all your good wears, put on the garment of smile! When you come across people, give them smile! It can solve a lot of problems, it can uplift a lot of burdens and it can be the best encouragement you ever gave to someone. When things throw shit at you, throw back smile!


Stay blessed!



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