Stay free…

It’s easy for people to suspect you of something you don’t have in mind simply because the world has been reshaped by a lie. Its easy for your good deeds be misunderstood, its easy for people to buy rumours against you simply because they believe it is true that everyone has a problem. People are much more ready to hear that you made a mistake than they are ready to hear that you did well. People are much more ready to broadcast an unconfirmed report against you than they are to broadcast your good deeds.


People are ready to hate you than they are ready to love you. Therefore, don’t expect much from people. When you discover than your efforts are being misunderstood, just look for where it will be appreciated or continue without listening to people. Jesus said we should leave and dust our feet off a city that rejects us and our message. 


I just want to encourage someone. Don’t be too worried about the negative things we see and hear after we have tried our best to do the best… The day you look up to men for appreciation is the day your doom starts. Let God reward you, He is the rewarder of those that diligently seek Him.


In our walk, we come across various people. People who brings out the best or the worst in us, people who stretch us and people who just leave us the same way they met us. But in this life, you can’t be good to everyone, you can’t be the best to everyone, you can’t impress everyone but it can’t limit who you are. Anything that questions your peace of mind shouldn’t be there. In my little life experiences I have realized that it’s good to be at peace with all men regardless of what they feel about you. Get angry for a while but never remain angry. Cry when you feel like but never remain crying… Understand who you are but know that its not everyone who will understand you. Don’t try explaining every move, just be your best and stay focused. With time, they will come to realize who you really are and what you stand for.


I say again, regardless of who understands you or not, be at peace with all men and stay calm in all situations.




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