Elijah set up sacrifice in the way he should, he followed all the procedures demanded by the law of Moses, he carried it out perfectly but the sacrifice remained cold and quiet. Elijah didn’t want to initiate the fire, he needed God to initiate the fire even though it was very unusual!

Fire never came until he prayed and believed. God wants us to trust Him when it seems impossible, Elijah was bold about his faith in God… He trusted God and of course fire came down and received his offering! 


Obedience does not make fire available, it is faith that makes fire available. Elijah obeyed the laws of Moses in setting up his sacrifice but it wasn’t his obedience that brought the fire. In 1 Kings 18:30-35, we saw Elijah ensuring that he obediently follow all the rules he knew how to. But that was not what made the difference, that was not what showed God’s glory! Fire didn’t come by mere obedience of the rules which of course every lover of God live a life of obedience, not by compulsion.
Fire came when he prayed and believed as reported in 1 Kings 18:36-37, he wouldn’t have prayed if he never believed. Prayer is as a result of faith, prayer is our way of calling into reality what God has done (or can do) into physical manifestation. When fire came down, God was glorified and they said “the Lord alone is God”


The believer is not a man of obedience but a man of faith. Our obedience is a result of our faith. Many can obey because of fear but believers obey because they believe. Faith expresses our victory and fire is made available through faith. Fire in this context is the manifestation of God’s greatness!


When Elijah prayed for fire, it wasn’t about the sacrifice it was about a reawakening of God’s greatness. God didn’t send the fire because He needed to consume the sacrifice, fire came down from heaven because God wanted to draw souls to Himself. Just as the Holy Spirit manifested like tongues of fire in the day of the Pentecost at the upper room, the fire came down from heaven to announce God’s greatness and the people bowed and declared “God is God alone”


God sends His fire to announce Himself and His greatness. Today, God’s fire which is the Holy Spirit is in us, we aren’t just His Oracle, we are also His living sacrifices, we are consumed in the power of the Holy Spirit as He has taken a permanent occupance in us and we need to be continually filled. We need to understand that the indwelling and infilling of the Holy Spirit is different. The Holy Spirit is dwelling in us from the day we believed in Jesus but the infilling of the Spirit is what happens by our own deliberate move. The Bible says in Ephesians 5:18 “…be filled with the Holy Spirit”


This means we need to completely yield ourselves to the Holy Spirit that our choices doesn’t matter anymore than His. It means being so conscious of the Holy Spirit that our natural minds are consumed in Him. In Romans 8:9-11 we see what being continually filled with the Holy Spirit means, it doesn’t mean having visitations from the Holy Spirit the second time because we have Him in us already. The Bible says we shouldn’t live as our human nature tells us to but to live as the Spirit tells us. When we are continually filled with the Holy Spirit by completely yielding to Him, we see our mortal bodies responding to the power of the Spirit in us.


God’s fire consumed Elijah’s sacrifice! It was an orchestration to display God’s power and greatness for souls to be drawn to Him. In the same way, we are God’s living sacrifice and therefore should offer ourselves as one! In Romans 12:1, the Bible says we should offer ourselves as living sacrifice dedicated to God’s service and pleasing to Him. As Elijah’s sacrifice was pleasing to God and was used to draw souls to God, we are dedicated for this purpose, this is why the Holy Spirit is in us!


When we allow God’s power to be on the display through us as it is in us, we are showing the world God’s greatness and through us God is drawing souls to Himself.
God bless you!


Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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