A photoshoot with Wisdom Oruche. You may not have to try linking the picture to the story.

When I am in love with someone, I am just so in that it becomes crazy at times. I am not the lover whose love is quiet, boring, cold and all of that… It is always hot, full of adventures that I would possibly want us to tour the world together, I give in my time like it’s all I’ve got time for and I give in my heart as though they aren’t delicate if not handled with care. I can be so caring, I can do the dishes, do the laundry and still want to take you to the movies or games… This is me, its not something I can change about myself. I can be extremely romantic, if you see that as pride, I am proud of it.

Then one would think I am the best guy on earth. Let me shock you, in spite of all these things, I can be very annoying, more annoying than those people you don’t consider. I can get moody for unnecessary things and I can be a tough meat when it comes to settling issues. I wouldn’t raise a hand on you but my silly attitude of keeping quiet when angry and not expressing my grievances when necessary can be worst than slapping a woman because my presence would become irritating. I can  be unnecessarily jealous for gestures you give to another man but will not express it verbally, I may just get moody and even reject to eat for days. I won’t be able to tell you what is paining my heart until you ask me, sometimes asking me may even be futile because I can keep quiet for Africa.


Believe me, any woman who has tolerated me and my silly attitudes is a strong woman, she is a super woman. I can get extremely sad for issues you never even knew were issues and even in that silence I will be showing enough care that makes it difficult to decode what you did wrong. I can get moody after an argument, I can get sad for not being pampered when I wanted it. I always want 100% from a person I am giving my 100%.


I am working on my excesses to become better but I had to share this to tell you that there is more to the eyes meets. Don’t celebrate men just because of the part of them they decided to show you in the social media, you have not really seen them. That he is caring, loving, intelligent and resourceful doesn’t mean you don’t have serious work to do. Don’t admire men on suit, sometimes inside that suit lies a different man whom his suit covers a lot of weaknesses.


Anytime you gain access into someone’s heart, don’t think you have come to enjoy, take pictures, go for outings and all of that… You have come to work, to make him or her better! If you enter people’s life and don’t make them better, you are a waste and a liability in that relationship.


Thanks to that person who has seen all of these and decided to stay.




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