At some level in our Christian living, we seem to pray until something happens. We call it PUSH! That is beautiful, it has a beautiful acronym and it paints a picture of a man pushing loads of request. While I agree that in prayer we labour, I wish to say that our labour in prayer is an effortless labour, we pray from the place of rest (Hebrews 4:3). It is not in our shouting or charisma. 

There is a level you come up to, you realize that you don’t just pray till something happens, you pray because something has happened. The acronym for it may not look nice but we have passed the era of validating teachings with the rhymes and beauty of the acronyms.


Stop PUSHING and start PRAISING!

The prayer of the righteous is effective because the righteous man is simply calling into physical realities what has been established in the spirit. When you are led by the Spirit, you pray in and according to God’s will.


Jesus said “when YOU PRAY, BELIEVE you have RECEIVED it and you WILL HAVE it” – Mark 11:24


The attitude of a man who believes it is done is to praise God. You don’t praise God into doing something, you praise Him because He has done it regardless if your physical nature feels it or not. You must know that your flesh isn’t truthful.


The believer prays about everything because the believer worries about nothing! In prayer we also praise!



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