Before the end of 2017, we received a direction from God in House of Vasileia and it is very clear and relevant to the time we are in now. Jesus is coming again and we aren’t comfortable with what we have done, there is more to do and it times to do it. We are out for the service of our King and like David told Ahimelech in 1 Samuel 21:8 “the Kings business required haste”, we shouldn’t be too complacent about it.


Our focus for the year isn’t a promise of what God is going to do; it is a duty call as a result of what God has done. The ultimate goal of believers in the Kingdom is to go out, preach the gospel and make disciples of all nations, this is what we believe we have been called to do even more this year. We see a year where we will raise soul winners in various Churches, partner with Churches to reach out more to souls.


Of course we know we are in a world full of distractions, a world where relationships, business, events and so many other things are taking almost all of our time; where fear of failure have caused us to devote all our time for ourselves alone but we have chosen to FOCUS, REACH OUT AND BUILD. How can they hear if we don’t preach it? How can they believe if they don’t hear it? – Romans 10:14


In 2018, we are on FOCUS to REACH OUT and BUILD people in the faith. We are no longer waiting for the year to come, we are in the year already and we have kicked off immediately. On the social networks, in our streets, in our schools, shopping mall and all around us, we will not be comfortable if we do not raise BELIEVERS right there! Let’s hear it again; it is our year of FOCUS, REACH OUT, BUILD.


-George 0.N-

House of Vasileia


Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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