It is the first day of the New Year, everyone wants to make everything new and people who made mistakes today are already regretting their entire lives because it is believed that once the first day gets bad, the rest of the year gets bad too. Do you believe that too? I hope you don’t… It is nonsense. Yet, there are people who don’t care about it all. They don’t think it is relevant anyway; they just want to live their lives the way they deemed it fit for themselves. While I always believe life don’t get new because the year is new, I believe every passing time is a reminder that we need to take some moments to evaluate ourselves, rate ourselves and consider improving.


It is in such a day like this that I found myself after we had enjoyed ourselves and blessed the name of the Lord in Church. I entered the new day of the New Year full of expectations and passion to do more. That I felt that way never really meant everyone felt that way about the New Year, some saw improvement as getting worse than they were. I had passed a Brothel this morning, it was booming like never before. For the sex workers who aren’t running into hiding, it is a New Year of more hustling and for them, January 1 isn’t that kind of day to stay back and think if they’d want to stop that business for something better. I remember I also passed a beer parlor the sizzling sounds of bottles and the heavy-bass voice of men stole the entire air space, one of the men who seemed to be the chief sponsor of the beer-party had shouted “it is a new year! More beer please!” for them, New Year was for more beer. Now, I was sure we all saw and defined New Year differently. As our bus cruised down the road leading to a university in Uli, we saw masquerades dressed in very scary and entertaining masks, parading themselves down the road in the company of so many young boys. For them, that was the best thing they would use their new year for. I realized again that we all don’t see things the same way of which they would if they had known what I know.


I left Uli where I had gone to pick up something; our bus was few minutes away from Onitsha when we suddenly heard a passenger screaming “driver stop this bus, stop, and stop!” It wasn’t safe to halt to a stop at such speed the bus was on and the road had a sharp bend. The driver found a safe side and pulled by. I was in the front seat so I never knew before then what has been going on but all I discovered was that someone’s phone fell of her hand out of the window. We tried understanding how it happened but understanding how it happened would not have brought the phone. Some passengers and the bus conductor were all out in search of the phone and it wasn’t found. The lady who lost her phone started blaming the driver “he would have stopped immediately when I asked him to” some agreed with her while others told her it would have been a risk if the driver had stopped like that, it could cause serious accident.


It took several minutes and everyone gave up on the phone, jumped back into the bus, started a blame game as the bus kicked to a start and moved. Sympathizers were now advising the young girl on how to go about welcoming back her sim, some advised she would also be able to back up all her contacts while other like me still wondered how the phone fell off. The driver had insisted on moving because that road was a notorious place and he feared armed robbers would be lurking around seeking for opportunities to rob buses that stop around that place. We have only drove few meters when a bike man overtook our bus and double crossed us causing the driver to stop. He mounted down his bike like those Bollywood heroes who had come to save their kidnapped woman. He walked towards the bus, dipped hand in his pocket and brought out the phone that had fallen off “I am sure this belongs to someone in this bus, I picked it from the road”. As the lady took the phone in excitement many people started saying “so we still have good people in this world? Who said people won’t make heaven?”


I looked at the Bike man, he looked satisfied and happy. He would have taken the phone, sell it and use the money for something else but he choose to change the narrative we always hear about bike men, he showed us there were still kind people in every field. And he said to his new admirers “it is a New Year, we must keep improving to make better use of our time” I was happy to hear that, at least it proved to me that while majority are yet to understand that time ticks, reminding us that we still have opportunities to love, help and care for other. We still have opportunities to become better in the midst of people who care less. Finally, we got to Upper Iweka.


That wasn’t the end.

I had decided to go the city mall and pick up few gifts for my parents in celebration of the New Year. Getting to the mall, the crowd was scary and the more I took steps further into the mall the more I got sacred that I may not possibly be able to find space. The parking lots were filled up, cars were beginning to park outside and more people were trooping in as though it was announced that the tree of life has been discovered in that part of the world. I had wanted to leave but I said to myself “all these people coming in, fighting through the crowd and making their purchases, are they different? Do they have two head?” I maintained my steps into the mall. Inside the mall, people were sweating, the air conditioner had carried more than it could and the queue at bread and payment stands was discouraging but for the fact I saw people fighting their way into the crowd and making purchases, I also fought myself into the crowd, made my purchases, stood at the queue and waited patiently for my turn. It wasn’t as hard and slow as I thought and I realized giving up wouldn’t have been the best thing to do. As I stood there, I noticed some children who had also come to make purchases; they made very childish comments and were excited to touch the gift items I had bought. When I started hearing them murmur to me “sir give us New Year gift” I wasn’t comfortable with it. Growing up, it was an abomination in our family to take something from strangers talk more of begging them for it. I pretended like I didn’t hear them, I even asked the cashier to “keep the change” which became the biggest blow those kids received from me, one said “he is stingy and wicked” and I realized you’ll be misunderstood by children as long as you don’t please them, I also realized that sometimes you don’t give Children everything they want even if you have it.


I was home; I presented my surprises, enjoyed the excitements on their faces, received their blessings and dashed to the laptop to keep myself busy with what you are reading right now. This is the summary of how I spent the first day of the New Year.


I will be glad if you’d share your own experience today with us.


God bless you.



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