I am not running a documentary or trying to write the history of Strive Masiyiwa, I only wish to say a few things about him that may help you. Strive Masiyiwa is an authority when it comes to entrepreneurship, if you can study his person; you have gained 100% mastery on entrepreneurship. Strive is the founder of Econet, a Telecommunication firm operating in 5 continents with not less than six million subscribers. He also founded Kwese Inc and Kwese TV is gradually sweeping across Africa and the world at large! The beautiful thing is that Strive is an African, a national of Zimbabwe, not just an African but someone whose skin color is often regarded as black.


Strive started sharing thoughtful experiences and insights on Facebook since 2013 which has become the haven for so many young entrepreneurs! He has succeeded in being instrumental to many African innovations and businesses which came as a result of people being motivated by his stories. Strive is one of the richest men in Africa and of course the richest in his country, Zimbabwe. Strive isn’t that everyday kind of rich men who don’t believe in God or perhaps are shaky about their faith in God. Strive is a member of Christ Embassy (Believers’ Loveworld) and the biggest partner of the ministry. Being the biggest partner isn’t just hype; he has always maintained being the top partner of Christ Embassy and has been committed to the things of God. So, Strive pays his tithe or stewardship and gives to the Church like it’s no man’s business and the Church hasn’t drained him like many people would accuse the Church of. His financial involvement to the church hasn’t brought him down the list as the richest man in Zimbabwe and in fact, he keeps getting richer! If it is anything to by, we agree he is being blessed more and more.


Strive is also an ardent believer of the powers made available through prayers. In one of his articles, Strive narrated how he won a case in court against Zimbabwean government after praying fervently. Strive had listed prayers to God as one vital key to success in business unlike what we would hear from so many other entrepreneurs who would only tell you how they worked hard and try never to sound religious.



In his various teachings, Strive had notably always quoted the scriptures and have always gotten points from the Bible as he believes the Bible contains answers to everything. I haven’t followed Strive’s writing holistically to have noticed this! It is just there, Christianity is written all over him and his writings smell of Christ. You see in him, not a religious person but a believer in Christ and yet a man who doesn’t discriminate people because of their religious differences. In one of his afterthoughts, Strive had advised and encouraged a Pastor who was considering doing another business alongside the Church ministry to stick to the Church ministry where he is called as it is a more honorable business to do. Hear him

“The Bible tells the story of a young man who was the most successful farmer in his country. He was so skilled that he could plough a field using 16 oxen; no mean feat even today! But the day God called him to preach the gospel he walked away from farming completely. If you are truly a believer you should know that there is no greater priviledge than to be called to be a Pastor. So why not emulate that young man, and go do what God told you to do:

“Go thou and preach the gospel of the kingdom of God”

But if you believe that you are called to be an entrepreneur you are welcome to do that too… But you cannot do both. Elisha never returned to farming again! This calls for wisdom in our time.”


Strive have shared about his encounter with the likes of Pastor Adebayo of Redeemed Christian Church of God, Bishop Guti of Zimbabwe and other notable men of God whose blessings had manifested in his life in an extra ordinary way, he believes that faith has so much role to play even in business.

Key Speakers At The 2016 Milken Conference

Strive sleeps only 6 hours in a day and believes it is a healthy thing to do, he isn’t sleeping 6 hours because he does so much work as he had said it is a lifestyle which every successful leader, whether in business, politics, ministry or military must conform to except when ill. He described his daily routines as involving praying and studying the bible for two hours after six hours sleep, going to the gym to work out and then going out for the day’s business. Now you see, Strive is a billionaire in dollar but he is also a believer in Christ and a giver to God’s projects. He isn’t just supporting the work of the ministry; Strive is involved in so many humanitarian works of which he works alongside Aliko Dangote in some of them. Strive also thinks you cannot be a global player if you cannot think about investing in Nigeria.


Another profound quality we found in Strive is that his success in business didn’t interfere with his family and relationships. He wrote an afterthought in one of his articles saying “I have been married for 27 years. I have never missed my wife’s birthday. My marriage is more important than my business or career. If my wife calls, I leave the meeting to attend to her. If my mother calls, I leave the meeting to attend to her. If my kids call, I leave the meeting to attend to them. If my pastor calls, I leave the meeting to attend to him. I’m first and foremost a child of God, then a son to my mother, a husband to my wife and a dad to my children, a father to the fatherless, and a mentor to the next generation. Whatever title you give me will never be above those.”, isn’t this a big blow to the school of thought that thinks one must have to choose between success in family or success in business? We can have the both! Isn’t it also a blow to those who think we can’t be serious with God even while we are committed to our diverse professions? Strive showed we can stay connected to God at the peak of our success and in fact we just need to stay more connected at those times.


Are you dreaming of being a successful entrepreneur? Strive is just one man to learn from because he isn’t just successful in business, he is successful in his family too and still committed to Church! He is a Church-boy as many would put it. He is always ready to dish out teachings through his platforms which he considers a very serious business too!


Are you an entrepreneur? Be like Strive, Learn from Strive… You can be bigger and better! As you journey through the various phase of success and challenges, make sure you keep holding on to God, make sure you keep the faith alive!




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