Lots of things inspire or move me!
Healthy romance does that job quick!
It may be two couples cooking together or doing laundry with smiles written all over their faces. It may be two lovebirds praying or studying the bible together, it may be two sweet couples playing basket ball or tennis and many times, it could be two married “youngies” holding hands together, putting on uniforms and walking down the street. Imagine entering the kitchen of your cousin to see him making tea for his woman in the morning when no one is watching, not because it is trendy but because it is something his heart yearns for… I like that too! It makes me nod in agreement that “marriage is sweet when you are sweet”.
Aside couples, I am also inspired by families! I get thrilled when a child runs to his/her parents to give them welcome kiss! I love it when cute families go on early morning road walk together, when they go to church together and when they go for picnic together! These things touch my heart especially when it is a family led by young couples.
I am one of those men who don’t pride in the lies that say “men don’t cry”, I do! Tears can drop down my eyes when something very sweet happens to me… It can be during worship in Church and it can be when I am surprised by someone.
Let’s just say that whichever way, I am so moved by healthy romances.
Ok… What you do can inspire people to a very great extent! How you smile, talk, walk, dress, act and do lots of other things can go a long way to move people’s heart positively.
Modeling your home and your life can give others clue of what to do to make their marriage, relationship and personal lives a pleasurable adventure! How you love your husband/wife teaches the younger ones especially your children how they should treat their spouse. Whatever you do in life, even in the confines of your bedroom, affects the world in one way or another.
Anyhow you do it… Be an inspiration.
My name is George and I am a Christian.
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