This is the height of God’s love.
In Exodus 21:5-6 we see a certain law regarding bond servants. When not understood, one would seriously think God is ruthless! But with another eye, the eyes of the Holy Spirit, you will get to understand that God is love and outside that it is not God!
According to this law, a Hebrew servant would leave his master after service of seven years but a slave has no such right! If it happens that a servant took a wife while he was serving his master, he will not take his wife along with him because they are all results of his service to his master! He can only be able to keep his wife and children if he decides to stay with his master forever. The law demanded that the master will pierce the ear of the servant with an awl as a sign that the servant has choose to stay forever. While many would think it isn’t fair, this is a display of love! The servant is announcing to the world the love he has for his wife, a love so true that he has chosen to give himself for her so that she can have all of him.
This was a shadow of Jesus, whom is God’s way of becoming a man and giving himself for us so that we can have all of Him! Isn’t that how Jesus came to serve man? God, stooping low to write on the floor in humility and saving a woman afterwards! Washing the feet of his disciples who represented us all and asking them to do same to others in representation of Him! Because He choose to stay with us forever he was pierced and bruised! The law was God’s love code!


Shouldn’t this get you jumping in excitement? It excites me always when am reminded of God’s unending love. He has chosen to stay with me forever through Jesus! Jesus was a pure example of servant leadership, a leader who served! We would see Him washing the feet of His disciples, setting a new record of what leadership should mean. We would see Him saying “do not be afraid for I am with you to the end of this world!” He was pierced and bruised just for the sake of His love for us! God didn’t just gave Jesus, He gave Jesus as the remedy of the distant that has existed between us and Him as a result of sin. Jesus loves us more than words can say… A gold news that must keep ringing in every ear!


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