When you don’t eat for a long time, your body suddenly adapt to the condition it found itself. When you eat often, the body also adapts to it and start sending signals of hunger when you don’t eat! Your body adapts to anything you do overtime! This means, you can build a culture of good habit and your body adapts to it and make it part of your daily routine!


Have you seen people who live as though their lives depends on alcohol and drugs? They never used to be like that, they were normal and had no flare for drugs until they engaged in it the first time, the second and it continued! Whether bad or good, you can quickly condition your body to start desiring what you do often.
You can’t study more by asking God to create in you a habit of study, that habit can come the moment you take the steps to study even when you don’t feel like! You can’t pray more by asking God to give you the habit of prayer, you pray by starting to pray when you don’t feel like! By so doing, you build a habit that becomes a part of you! Addiction is simply a habit resulting from what one has done over time!
Have you ever spent time with someone that you feel you cannot live without that person anymore? It is because your system have been built by you to always rely on that person. Addictions are built unconsciously because it is easy and more pleasurable to do the wrong things and the more you engage in them, the more it becomes hard to stop it! But you can build good habits of good works, healthy relationship, forgiveness, prayers, preaching the good news, becoming selfless, bible study and so much more by consciously doing them even when you don’t feel like! Keep doing it until you don’t struggle to do it anymore!

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