We aren’t doing women some favour by marrying them! Many times we teach as though women are the ones we help by marrying them off! Excuse me, we don’t even marry women off, we simply get married together.
Going by what the Bible said “he who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from God” if there should be anyone to carry high shoulders it should be the women and not the men!
Now, this is what we must stop.
We must stop being one sided when we teach marriage. We tell the women how to behave, we tell them that their beauty is in their character and we tell them to please their men! We don’t teach men character, we always assume they are the boss and that is all! We tell the woman “when you catch him cheating, just pray and bear with him. When he beat you, don’t do anything, just keep praying”.
We teach the women tolerance but the men? We don’t! They can cheat, beat and do what they want! Hardly will you come to a marriage class and see a man! I once attended a marriage class, I was the only male because we have created a stereotype, a stereotype that makes it seem marriage is a way men assist women!
Can we just stop it! When we tell the women how to be good wives, we should also tell the men how to be good husbands! If it is abomination for women to cheat, it should be abomination for men to cheat too! Whatever is good for the goose is also good for the gander!
When a girl behaves, we tell her “act well, don’t you know your husband might be watching? Walk well so that you can attract suitors!” Really? That is nonsense! The boy can fight, smoke, visit brothels and live anyhow and it doesn’t matter… He will always find a well trained lady that will calm him down! The woman? Oh no, she is a woman, her life belongs to her husband.


It has to stop, we can put hands together and start campaigning against it! Marriage benefits the man and the woman, we aren’t doing women favour, they are even the ones helping the man as the Bible says! I believe in the greatness of women, I believe we are created equal with different roles!


Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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