*Based on a teaching by Wisdom Oruche
While this teaching was addressed to an audience of students, it can also apply to everything you are doing in life! Whether you are a business man, a teacher, a student and so on, you need to maintain an “A” grade in your field! Nobody may be there to give you that pass mark but you ought to be able to tell yourself the truth, if you are doing it right or not.
In my first year in the University, I hated anything mathematics (still struggling to love it) and never believed I would ever do well in it. I was doing about 6 courses that were purely mathematics and several other courses that still required logic of some sort. As we approached the exam period, I was struggling to meet up with my studies, nothing mattered anymore to me than my textbooks, I didn’t want to carry over any course and I didn’t want to come out of school with very poor result!
As the time drew nearer, I started fasting and praying, asking God to just open my head and put in some mathematics there! It never happened, I prayed in tongues, knelt down and cried in sincerity and nothing really happened. I decided to start studying linear algebra and vector even if I don’t understand whatever was written on that textbook. I started attending tutorials, I started following some online classes, I started practicing to solve certain problems and suddenly I was enjoying it.
On the exam day, I came to school in the morning and taught other hot-brains! I was surprised at myself and how I wrote the exam without asking for any help of any sort! When the exam was over, I thought it was over, I relaxed and never maintained that hotness… Well, I started finding it very difficult again. It was a success the first time but I couldn’t maintain it.
Success is not a one time achievement; it is progressive which means consistently achieving great things. We can only say a man is successful when we see a consistent manifestation of excellence in that man. If you had 5.0GP in your 100 level and graduated with just a pass, we can’t say you have achieved success. You are not frog eater by just tasting a frog, you become known as a frog eater when you make it a habit. In that sense, having an “A” grade isn’t the end of it, you ought to maintain that position. How do you maintain that “A” grade?
It is still the word “consistence”. You don’t read just because you have exams, you read because you ought to read! It should be part of your routine; it should be deliberate even when it is not convenient. The Bible says in Proverbs 22:29
“Seest thou a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings; He shall not stand before mean men”
Your business in this context simply means your primary concern, responsibility and what you do to earn something. As a student, what brought you to school is to earn academic knowledge, your grades shows how diligent you were to the process. To be diligent means to be consistent or persevering and exact and that way you will stand in the company of Kings. You will be the solution provider to kings which means the most respected persons will respect you; you will be in the company of winners and be counted among them.
Progressive Mindset
You ought to be progressive! You must not dwell in the victory of the past! So many are celebrating their past victories and they don’t know when their future runs over them! Don’t relax just because you have had “A” throughout your secondary school; don’t relax just because your first semester exam was superb! You ought to pretend like there was no yesterday and attack today like there is no tomorrow! A progressive student does not procrastinate, they live in the now and make the best out of it! Paul wrote in Philippians 3:13
“But one thing I do: Forgetting what lies behind and straining towards what is ahead…”
Don’t sit there adoring your past results, telling tales of how you made it, let the success of today speak!
Now you see, by being diligent to what you supposed to do and by having a progressive mentality, you will always experience the victory God has already given to you. You are already victorious, you are already successful… All these took place in the Spirit but many people don’t see it manifest in their lives because they do not work it into manifestation. The Bible says “work out your salvation with fear and trembling for it is God who works in you both to will and to do” You see, God has already done the work in you, it is our duty to work it out. I narrated a story of how I fasted and prayed just to get mathematics into my head, it didn’t happen! It required work and not prayers.
Prayers won’t maintain an “A” grade for you!
Miracle bangles, pen and pencils will not make you pass your exams!
Bringing your part of your wares to Church for anointing will not make your business sale just like that!
Being diligent with progressive mindset is what sets you in the company of Kings and that is just how it works.
God bless you!


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