Many times we receive urgent calls from God, urgent assignments that needs quick approach like they said in the Old Testament “the King’s business requires haste”. Some of us receive this urgent call and we fall back on our arm-chairs or Chairman’s desk to form committees and deliberate on how to strategically respond to God’s call. We spend days, weeks and even months trying to carry everyone along, read minutes for adoption and even try to gather people’s opinion… We want to carry everyone along anyway.
We waste time planning and loose those times! God doesn’t want a strategic response to His urgent call! He wants us to respond right here and now! Paul was hindered from entering certain cities for reasons best known to God but Paul didn’t relax on his chair waiting for God to tell him where to go and where not to go! The standing instruction was “preach the gospel… make disciples of all nation” and he took it up with urgency! It is in the place of service that we get a clearer picture of what God wants us to do!
Reinhard Bonnke wrote “one man filled with the Spirit is better than a hundred committees, which, ‘keep minutes but lose hours’
Stop waiting for a clearer picture, get up and get going and in the process it starts getting clear! Prayer shouldn’t be the excuse, pray on the go.. It has no special season! And if you refuse to go, someone else will go! God depends on us to reach the world but He is not handicapped by our unwillingness. He raised Paul by Himself, He would raise an Imam by Himself too! Jesus said that God can even raise stones to do that which we have neglected… WORSHIP! It was metaphorical, God can raise people from where we have so much looked down upon.
Stop looking for Elijahs and Pauls of this generation when you are here! The Lord used them mightly and now He wants to use you! Why not respond now? Not tomorrow, now!

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