You need your space, a space where it is just you and God, where every other relationship becomes meaningless and only God becomes meaningful. A space where you don’t need to worry about reciprocation of love, validation of your person or appreciation of your commitments. A space where you don’t need to struggle to prove you love someone, where you need not wait forever, for a response to your display of affection. A space where the business of the day pulls no weight, a place where what people say matters no more!
You need that space, a space where strength is built! A space where you get intimate with God. Like couples, a space where God wraps you up in His arms and reassure you of His love. Many times we want reassurance of love, we want to be sure we are secured in our relationship… In this space, God keeps speaking to your Spirit, confirming His love and how much secured you are in your relationship with Him.
When it gets tough for Jesus in His earthly ministry, He would go to that space. At some point, He said “if you only this cup shall pass by but let your will be done”, it was a space where despite the pains, God’s will still mattered! What happened in that space? Angels came and ministered to Him.
Right now, I need Him more than ever before, more than the cares and the attentions I’d get from any man or woman. Right now, that space is all that matters to me. I have witnessed people assuring me they would be with me in a given task but got missing as soon as they were needed, I have witnessed friends cry on my shoulders after breaking up on relationships of more than eight years… But here, we witness God who wouldn’t break up with us, we may be broken but He pours us into His own mould and make us what He wants us to become. He never gets missing, we can rely on Him!
A space that would hurt our comfort in the world, a space that would even hurt our relationships because our relationships cannot offer us the security and assurances that space would offer. If your relationship, business or lifestyle must survive this space, they do must be willing to sojourn with you into this space.
A space where you decrease every day but God increases in you! A space of less self and more of God! It is a space of clarity.
It is called “THE MISSION ROOM”, a room where you accomplish your mission before going on the mission. A space where you shut off from the world and open up to God entirely! Given to study, mediation and prayers… We are rest assured we can go out and win the world. In this space, you live like Jesus! You love when you are not loved, you don’t worry about validation and acceptance and you don’t give back to people what they have given you, you give to them what you have. In this space, love truly becomes unconditional and forgiveness becomes a lifestyle. This is a space where the Spirit rules over the flesh!
If we can have a space where we exercise victory over the world, we can make the world a space where God’s eternal victory is on the display.
Jesus, that’s all that matter!



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