I was in a photo studio easing off some free time when a young female staff suddenly asked “please who is Alex Ekwueme?” the other female staff who seemed much younger asked the same question too. I was surprised as much as other persons there was because we thought everyone should know about the first executive vice president of Nigeria. A comedian who came to take some shots decided to make use of the situation and am sure he would tell the story in his next show.
“Alex Ekwueme” he started “was the first and only African to be featured in Michael Jackson’s songs”

“Really” one of them said, they were so convinced as we laughed at them. I was on my way home when I started drawing lessons from what happened.
Many times we relax and find excuses for not preaching the gospel, we assume people must have heard about Jesus since He is a popular name in the world. We dodge our responsibilities as Soul winners and never tell people about Jesus who came to set them free!
Something happens when we don’t tell them the truth about Jesus. They may hear the false definition of Jesus, they would believe it and start walking in it! Those girls would be going around town telling anyone who cares that Alex was a musician, they would get into argument with those who know and also lead those who don’t know into believing the things they heard as truth.
The Bible says people can’t hear the gospel without a preacher and they can’t believe the gospel they never heard! If it was announced on TV that United States of America has awarded you a billion dollar but you never watched the TV and your friends who saw it refused to inform you, you will probably never get to know that you are a billion dollar richer and you might be living in lack, you might even die in it! But the moment you know, you start planning your life in the frame of what you know, you start living like a King!
The Bible says that God’s people perish because they lack knowledge! Jesus added that it is the truth we know that sets us free. People can’t be set free by the truth they don’t acknowledge.
Right now, make a commitment to God! Break out of your shell and tell the world about Him! Write it on your social media, tell your family about Him, tell friends about Him and even reach out to strangers with the gospel! The world is hungry, tasty and broke! Only the gospel can bring satisfaction, only the gospel can quench their taste and only the gospel can fix the broken pieces. In the preaching of the word, you are healing the sick, you are bringing meaning to life!


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