For those in the wrestling field, muscles and stamina alone is not a guarantee of victory in the place of fighting. However, they are very important and plays key role in helping the fighter defeat his opponent. Another important factor in winning a fight is strategy! Strategy is a product of being smart! A smart fighter would possibly outshine a strong fighter because the smart fighter would use the strength of the strong against them!
Now what happens where there are two smart fighters? The benefit of strength would be inevitable. This is where many Christians are having problem! To say the devil isn’t smart is to deceive ourselves, the devil fights a victorious people through their mind! Believers are living in total victory over the devil as the Bible says “be of good cheer for you have overcome the world,” we have overcome the corruption and shortcomings of this world, we have overcome the system of this world originated by the devil and we have overcome the god of this worldly system. But many believers are yet to experience these victories, they still experience shackles, they still live in limitations and they still seek for deliverance over demons! Why? The devil is using his smartness to deceive them into failure! Not because these believers are not strong but because they are living in total ignorance of who they are! If you are ignorant of your strength, you may not be able to use that strength even if you have the power to carry the entire world on your arms. This is what the devil is strongly fighting, that you do not know!
The devil knows who you are, the devil knew you were created in God’s image, the devil knew that Jesus has paid the price and He is aware of all God has done for you! The problem is usually that you don’t know! Not because God isn’t revealing these things to you but because you’ve not opened up your soul to be receptive of what God is saying. It is in the place of study that you know! When the devil knows you more than you do, you are obviously in trouble! He will tell you who you are not and make you believe who he is not! The devil is wise! The Bible describes him as crafty and deceptive! The devil isn’t ignorant and we must not be ignorant! He prowls around like a roaring lion seeking for someone to devour! You must be vigilant… This you can only do by knowing and continuous study of God’s. The recommends that you resist the devil, not by asking fire to consume the devil but by standing firm in faith! What does it mean to stand firm in faith? It means to maintain your stand and commitment to God’s word. Do not let the devil use situations against you, he can use simple challenges to make you bow to the world if you give in to fears! Fear is not of God, it is of the world…. Faith is of God!
Because many people don’t know who they are, they live less of themselves and exhibit unhealthy actions. Your unhealthy actions can give the devil opportunity to strike! Living in immorality, unhealthy eating habits or addictions can expose us to natural disasters… It can even make us start questioning if we are truly having this life God’s word says we have! But when we know who we are and live as who we are, we are living victorious as victors! We aren’t trying to win, we are winners showcasing our winning position!
Don’t let the devil convince you and get your mind with lies. You don’t need to dedicate your night prayers and days into fighting demons, we were not asked to fight demons! The fight we fight has nothing with engaging the devil in a combat because Jesus shamed him and humiliated him publicly! The more we know who we are, what we can do and act on them, we are living victorious! We shouldn’t dedicate our time to the devil! That is what he hopes to achieve, to distract us from praising God and giving all our time in the fear of Him. Live your Christian life without fear, get to study the word, pray in the Spirit with thanksgiving and win souls for God! Then you are living victoriously as you are a victor!
God bless you!


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