We cannot manifest the fullness of God when we are still ignorant of His love that surpasses all understanding! How then can we know it if it surpasses all understanding? It is by the revelation of the Holy Spirit of which Jesus said will teach us all things! He will teach us all things including things that isn’t in the frame of our mere understanding! Jesus said “all things” which means “all things without exception!” Now, Paul writing to the Ephesian Christians and indeed to us said in Ephesians 3:19
“And to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fullness of God.”
I would love that we understand what Paul was communicating here in plain words. He was saying “that you may come to know the love of Christ which is beyond any human understanding and then you can be completely filled with the full nature of God” I think this opens up our eyes to so many realities! It is one thing to be filled with the fullness of God and it is another to be completely filled with His fullness.
When we talk about being filled with God’s nature, it doesn’t mean getting baptized in the Holy Spirit the second time! It means getting our soul, heart and mind filled with His power! It means being naturally filled and powered by the knowledge of Him. We already have all of these things in our Spirit but without revelation we may not comfortably manifest God’s fullness!
The Bible says “God is love!” And it is this very nature of God that Paul prays that we get filled up with through the knowledge of the love of Christ. Meditating on the word is the foundation on which the Holy Spirit builds up revelation, He doesn’t reveal things we don’t accept, He pours light on things we don’t understand. Jesus said the Holy Spirit will bring all things to remembrance. He wouldn’t be talking about remembrance if it was something we have not grabbed initially! Jesus also said the Holy Spirit will teach us all things and it doesn’t mean we can relax, throw the Bible out of the window, pray less, play more and expect the Holy Spirit to come and start teaching the word to us. The teacher teaches those who come to school… You must be ready and deliberate to learn from the Holy Spirit before He starts teaching and revealing things to you. Your readiness shows your acceptance!
God is love, the love of God was fully manifested in Jesus in whom we have our redemption and identity! The Bible says we live, move and have our being in Him! That is to say our gene and DNA is dependent on Him! It means we cannot be ourselves if we do not know His nature! Our real nature is revealed in the revelation of His nature! Jesus commanded us to love, not just love our friends but enemies! This means loving all man with an unconditional love no matter what we have experienced from them! It is this love of Christ which isn’t defined by any word in the dictionary that the Holy Spirit reveals to us, making us become like Jesus in manifestation!
In the previous verses of our text, Paul declared that the entire family of God in heaven and on earth is named after Christ! We bear His name, He is our identity and we are sealed by His own Spirit! It is by His spirit that we are strengthened according to the riches of His glory! However, we make ourselves His dwelling place by faith which comes by the word of God. So you see, when we are not given to the word, we do not grow in faith and we cannot allow Christ to work through us both to will and do. As we grow in faith through His word, we are being rooted and grounded in love… That is to say we are getting stronger and unshakable in Him, we are getting mixed up and immersed in Him more and more! In this way we begin to understand the breadth, length, depth and height of His love! We don’t just understand it, we manifest it because His power works in us!
How do we manifest God’s nature in full?
How do we continue to be completely filled with the fullness of God’s nature?
How do we function beyond our human strength and act like God in amazing ways?
We must get to the word, eat it until it makes us what it talks about!
Dietitians will say “you are what you eat!” and that is very true in the spiritual and physical realm! You are what you feed yourself! When you depend on junks, you’ll be exposed to sicknesses but when you eat good diets, you get antioxidants that protects your body from being contaminated with diseases! That is how it is with the word… The more you are given to the word, the more you receive revelations and the more you manifest Him. I say again, meditating on the word is the foundation on which revelations are built!
Go for the word!
God bless you!


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