I recall some years ago from my childhood, I had a hole in my teeth which grew up with me! In fact, I was the senior with just few years! If the hole was a human, you might mistake him for my immediate junior brother. My parents tried all they could to murder this hole which gave me sleepless nights to no avail! They tried so many pills including dipping sugar in undiluted menthol and asking me to drop it on that hole! It was usually a terrible experience. They did all they could and told me removing the tooth would be the worst to happen as a popular myth has it that if you remove one tooth, you’ll definitely remove all someday!
When I grew up to the age of responsibility, my parents gave up on it! You could imagine living with the pain of toothache for more than 10 years! I took over the task of looking for a cure! I would go to the chemist and they would always want me to patronize them and they wouldn’t tell me the truth, they would just give me a pain relief drug and tell me I will be fine. Sometimes I would wake up in the midnight groaning in pains, I would prefer death than imagining myself living with that pain for the rest of my life. I kept making enquiries; the most popular advice was “don’t remove your tooth! You may even die in the process!” I got scared at times.
I was told to use my urine on the tooth that had hole, I did but it never worked! I was asked to use fuel on it before sleeping, I did but it became worse! I was asked to use Klin detergent; I holistically followed instructions and did virtually the impossible! I even started attending healing programs and lay my hands on Television when any healing minister comes up on TV to minister healing! If I ever wanted to have an experience of healing, it was for the hole in my tooth! When I was little, I even thought toothache was one of those ailments God would find difficult to heal! If faith was of human efforts, I did all I could! There was also no kind of medication I didn’t patronize including those who sell on transit! Even if an ‘okada driver’ told me what worked for him, I was willing to try it because the pain was much!
Sometimes in the midnight, I would roll on the floor in pains asking God to allow me die! If there was anything like incurable toothache, I would prefer physical death to it! When I looked at people laugh, open bottle cocks with their teeth, eat as much meat as they want and showcase so many skillful things they would do with their teeth I bend down thinking “I am the worst!”
One midnight, I was crying in pains with flashbacks of all I had done from childhood just to deliver myself from toothache. As each practice play out, I feel I had acted very stupid! I couldn’t imagine all the terrible things I did to myself just because people were suggesting them to me claiming it was what worked for them! That night, something in me asked me to give up on public opinion and look for a professional help! I had never gone to a hospital before all my life except to go to pharmacies or chemist shops to get self medication based on public opinions! I told myself “it’s time to get liberated from public opinion!” If Klin detergents would also heal tooth holes, why didn’t they indicate it? Why don’t they use healthy teeth in their advertorials? If Urine does the magic, why aren’t hospitals providing germs free urine?
That morning, I rushed to a dentist!
No one recommended it, I just made up my mind to go and I was glad I did. I paid for consultation fees; they checked my teeth and asked “when did this start?”
“From childhood” I responded
“Hmmm… A very simple thing would have prevented you from all these” she told me and continued “the hole would have been filled up but as am talking to you, your gums has been affected, some of your teeth too needs to be treated but before that, we must have to remove the bad tooth which is decaying already”
After the removal, I agreed to come back for treatments of my gum and affected areas resulting from the tooth decay. Within one week, I was free entirely from the ache and I could eat, sleep and talk in peace.
Now you see, I had suffered for years, subjecting myself to unhealthy and dangerous treatments because I was listening to public opinion! I only became free the day I decided to seek for a professional help. This is how many people destroy their marriage, their business, their relationship, their vision and so on because they sought for public opinion! Public opinion will make men believe it is wrong to share domestic responsibilities with your wife in the home, it will make women believe they are not supposed to have a career and be the best! Public opinion isn’t a place to get your answers because where there is multitude of choices; you are likely to make the wrong choice! Intentionally give yourself as few choices as possible who to listen to.
For example, in John 7:12-12 there was much grumbling among the crowds concerning Jesus, while some opined He is a good man, some maintained He is a deceiver. Someone who is always led by public opinion may likely be convinced by people who say Jesus isn’t a good man because they are of majority! How do I know they are of majority? Because on the day of crucifixion, almost all the people shouted “crucify Him, Crucify Him”. But if one had decided to just listen to Jesus himself, limiting the choices of who he listens to, it is not likely he would get deceived by other opinions.
It is like coming to Facebook to ask “is it possible to be in a relationship without premarital sex? Or stay married without cheating?” you’re likely never to get the right counsel and you’re likely heading to your doom if your follow them. A young girl who wants to be acne free will be advised by the public to engage in sex or even use semen on her face? The public most times don’t even want to provide solutions, they want to have fun with your problems. Let me clearly say here that public opinion may be necessary when it has to do with the people but can be dangerous when it has to do with you! The government may need public opinion to decide who leads the nation but you don’t need public opinion to decide who leads you. An organization may need public opinion to decide the way forward but you don’t need public opinion to decide your way forward. Public opinion can be a short cut to death!
That was how I lived in pain, engaged in very dangerous and unhealthy medications just because I was listening to the public! Find relevant people in the relevant field of your concerns and reach out to them when you need advice, you don’t ask the public how you run your business, they obviously don’t know because they don’t do your business for you. You don’t ask the public how to be married with your wife, many of them are struggling with their marriage too! You don’t seek answers from people who are bankrupt of solutions! You don’t seek help from people who need serious help… They may not admit their fallibilities; they may not admit their ignorance and proudly try providing answers they do not have! No one has ever lived by public opinion and survived it.
Are you in need of solutions?
Look for trusted people in the field of your concerns. They would be your pastor, your career coach, an entrepreneur, a doctor, a school teacher, your parents, a friend and any other person you trust to have always provided such solutions. Don’t go to your Pastor for a business idea or solutions when it is not spiritual or when you are sure your pastor also isn’t a business consultant. Don’t go to your doctor for relationship counsel… Meet people who are proven to have always had the solution in the field of your concern or a clue to where you can find solution.
God bless you.
— George O.N —
Relationship Activist | Author | Gospel Teacher
ICT Coach | Recording Artist | Graphics/Web Designer


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