One of my protégés who got herself rededicated to the life God has designed for her told me during a chat “I stopped believing in God, I started seeing Jesus as a myth after I have followed certain people on the social media. They said there isn’t any God and that Churches are business ventures. They sounded so convincing and wise that I left the Church and decided to live as a Freeborn! But today, I am gradually seeing my life in Christ come into shape again. Thanks for coming in.”
You see why we shouldn’t leave the social media? You see why the church should seize every opportunity to reach out to the world with the gospel of Jesus? At times, I feel I want to quit the social media and live a very quiet life… I feel I want to stay away from all the noise but then I feel a pressure and something in me saying “don’t disappoint God! You’re there for Him!” If a believer can walk out of faith through the things she read on the social media, do you think so many can’t remain in faith if we also use the same media to spread Jesus? This is how many want to neglect so many sector for the devil! They want to leave certain genre of music for him and want to leave TV shows for him! No… We can go in there and cause changes.
We can talk politics with divine principles!
We can sing romantic songs with divine principles!
We can talk marriage with divine principles!
We do everything humans are meant to do with applications of divine principles.
Look at Songs of Solomon… It would pass for “Eros” but there was never a hint of principles of darkness in it as you wouldn’t see a trace of formication or adultery in it! It is about a genuine love or feelings of a man towards his woman! God designed us that way, why do we shy away from it and let the devil use our very own property against us! Why would Satan make us feel guilty for what God has blessed us with? He uses his wisdom against us but we can stay victorious by putting the wisdom of Christ into operation!
Mind who you receive instructions from and follow on social media.. there are certain people who are simply here on satanic assignments, convincing you on how Church isn’t necessary, how Jesus is a scam! They lead unnoticing people into sexual perversion and keep getting your attention with their stupid but “wise sounding talks”. They tell you how it is important to go back to tradition and worship of idols and yet you see immorality in a higher level in them! Which tradition by the way? The one that murdered twins? The one that buried virgins alive? The one that left people in perpetual darkness? The one that regards albinos as “ritual items”… Which tradition? The unmerciful ways of men? Ah, no!
It pains me sometimes how these people gain acceptance among certain believers! Believers who are consumed by the lust of the flesh and wants of life! Is miracles just the only concerns we have in this life? You’re selling yourself to the devil when you follow him and his gifts! Don’t forget, he gives gifts which aren’t free!
This also tell me that many of we preachers have wasted time preaching things of lesser importance. What do we expect when we have made mess of the gospel? How do we think we can hold on to people whom we have asked to give all they have so that they can get double in return, to pray against their enemies who are holding their destinies, to pay tithes and get richer than Dangote who doesn’t pay tithe and so much more! When we have made these things other than Jesus our message and they do it but discovered they were being deceived, how do we think they won’t be easily deceived by another lie? There are so many lies coming from the pulpit and these lies turns baby Christians into selfish people, it gets them to start questioning the truth again! They’re are not consumed by God’s love but by the promises of better life attached to their efforts not on God’s extraordinary grace. I am not saying there isn’t a place of giving and efforts in Christianity but everything must be taught in its context. That is a teaching for another day.
There is still a message that saves and it is the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ!
To anyone who follows these satanic agents on the social media who come in the form of religious liberators and traditional revivalist, I want you to know “Satan is real… He has an ambition of convincing you to walk in darkness because that’s the only place you can get destroyed! Your destruction is all he seeks and like we set traps with enticing meat for the destruction of rats, that’s how he sets trap with enticing gifts for the destruction of men.” Unfriend that person who is beginning to win your mind with traditions of men and miracles based on the worship of idols! Block them and have nothing to do with them. I see modern revival of ritualists and they gain ground with the lies of church leaders. There is a higher life in Christ!
We must fill everywhere with Christ and that’s the assignment we have been giving, that’s why we give all we give in Church! That is where every investment of the Church should be channeled to! The church is marching on and the gates of hell cannot stand against it! If you refuse to march, God keeps raising footsoldiers! The marching on of the church is the march down of the gates of hell. Had I not preached the word on the social media, I would have missed souls! Have I not taught on the social media, some Christians would have remained in ignorance! Let’s march! Let the stamp of our feet be heard everywhere!
God bless you!


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