Stay prepared always even when opportunity seems farther from your reach! This thing we call ‘LUCK’ is opportunity meeting preparation!
Don’t give up on yourself, don’t give in to discouragement and don’t think you have the worst case! It can take only one encounter for your life on earth to be changed! As you pass through the valleys of difficulties, pains, lack, challenges and all of those negativities, don’t loose your composure or give up your attitude of faith!
Don’t neglect the power of believing right. Speaking right and acting right! As you walk through the rough roads, encourage yourself and say to yourself “I know Jesus is my way! I can’t get lost.” When it seems your strength is failing you, you can always say “I know my strength may fail me but Jesus is my strength.”
Believe me, that helper is coming your way! That opportunity is coming your way… Get ready and stay prepared! You may have missed the first opportunity or messed up an opportunity but hear me this minute… Opportunity doesn’t come once! I have missed opportunities, I have messed up many times and I have not been able to maintain certain opportunities but door isn’t closed yet… I only had to learn to get prepared and not misuse opportunities… I had to learn to act right even after I have prayed right. My right actions aren’t enough anyway… God’s grace is ever sufficient! This should be your attitude!
It is not over yet… Help is coming your way! You can’t die in that lack or challenge! I heard Joel Osteen say “I may not see a way but I know God is the way!” Come on… That is it! Brace up, put a smile on that face and stop complaining!
Jesus is beautiful.
I have tasted and seen… There is no one like God! The story will be told like this, “we never expected this person to succeed! We had rejected him, we had given up on her but look at how God has blessed them!”
You are a living proof of God’s wonder!
I don’t know who this has ministered to but to whomever it is… TAKE IT! In the name of Jesus!
God bless you.


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