I was hosted in a Christian gathering of over hundred young people and was engaged in a talk show with other Christian ministers. Actually, I looked more worldly than the rest… I relaxed my hair and gave it a style, I was well perfumed and wore well tailored suit. It was an orthodox Church so I could hear some young persons saying to themselves “why would they invite this yoyo-pastor? He is a Grace preacher… I know him on Facebook!” I smiled, relaxed myself and focused on what I was sent to do.
When I was called up to the stage, I started teaching from God’s word and they got excited! They couldn’t see stylish hair anymore, they were seeing the word come alive! They were seeing Jesus… I was not surprised, I knew that was exactly what would happen. I didn’t have to pray or fast for it, once God’s word is revealed, Jesus is made known! I styled my hair because I was looking for a style that would fit my already balding hair… I was looking for a way to make sure I retain hairs on my head! It had nothing to add or remove from me in spiritual sense!
When the talk show started, we were discussing on critical issues of relationship from the perspective of God’s word. We were about three ministers who sat on the stage while questions were thrown at us! Some were relevant, some were not… Along the line, one of the female minister who looked much more “Churchy” than I was said “pornography is not actually a bad thing! Married couples ought to learn to watch it together! It will improve their sexual life! And improve their marriage…”
I got furious! Yes, right there on stage! I stood up with my stylish hair, picked up the microphone and said straight to her face to the hearing of all “No! We are believers in Christ Jesus! We operate by a different set of rules… Pornography is not the answer, Jesus is! Pornography is a sin, it is terrible, bad and outrightly demonic! It’s a deceit and lie from the pit of hell!”
Everywhere was quiet for sometime and she couldn’t say anything further! The youths who were already hailing her and shouting “ride on ma!” kept their cool. I didn’t fake it, I was angry… I had to publicly and quickly correct her.
Why am I narrating this? Most times people don’t understand what Jesus came to do! He didn’t come to give us a new hair style, a new kind of dressing or a defined set of rules on how to walk or eat… He came to give us life in abundance! That people wear long gowns and cover their entire face doesn’t mean they are sound! And that we preach grace doesn’t mean we embrace every nonsense just to get accolades from people who are always looking for endorsement of their lustful desires! And we shouldn’t be shy to rebuke people who make mess of God’s word! Anyone who doesn’t have the message of life should resign from ministry rather than talking nonsense!
Grace never made sin become acceptable! It dealt with sin and empowers us to walk in righteousness! The world has no solution to lots of problems! Jesus remains the answer… Not pornography and all those nonsense! If it is not Jesus, it is not the way! God bless you!

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