We still have our flesh in tact. While we continue to get our flesh under subjection, we may realize at some point that we had done the biddings of the flesh. For instance, you might wake up on Sunday morning and never feel like going to Church, yes, most times we don’t feel like going to Church, praying, fasting or even meditating on the word… The feeling isn’t the problem, the problem is your response. Your response to your feeling is what matters and not what you feel like! Now, some believers might have at some points skip church meetings, decide not to pray or study, hesitate to show love to others because they never felt like it but when they decide to rise regardless of how they feel and do what they’re supposed to do, they’re putting your flesh under subjection.
Discipline simply means subjecting the flesh to principles. Then, this is also where the Holy Spirit comes in. The Holy Spirit does not possess us and manipulate us into responding to the Spirit. What the Holy Spirit does is to help us, He helps and that is it! What does it mean to help? When I ask you to help me carry a load, it means I have carried the load to the point my strength wouldn’t go further or I want both of us to put hands together and carry the load. Whichever way I am not asking you to come do my job for me but to help me in my job! This is exactly what the Holy Spirit does! He is not here to do your assignments for you but to help you carry them out effectively.
The Bible says in Romans 8:26 that the Holy Spirit helps us in our weakness, He helps us to pray when we know not what to pray, when we are limited by our senses! The Holy Spirit searches the Spirit, our weakness is not in our spirit but in our flesh! So the Holy Spirit overrides the flesh and connects directly to our Spirit. The Bible says the Spirit bears witness to our own spirit that we are God’s children but our flesh may not be able to decode it! The Holy Spirit connects with our own Spirit and helps us to pray in “wordless groans”. When we speak in tongues, we are responding to what the Holy Spirit is doing, when we get this unusual urge to burst out in prayers, it’s not something our body is responsible for, it’s the Holy Spirit!
The Holy Spirit does not do our prayers for us, He helps us to pray. I once told a parent who does her child’s homeworks for him and I said “Ma, the essence of asking this child to do homeworks isn’t to push the responsibility to you. He brings it home and you help him do it. If the solution to the question can be gotten by addition, teach him the formula but let him find the answers himself. Tell him what to do but don’t do it for him. You’re helping him that way! But when you do his homeworks for him, expect negative surprised when his exam results are out because he can’t do well!”
We need to get this thing clear so that we do not sit on our sofa, eat pizza, watch Big Brother all day thinking we have the Holy Spirit whom God has paid to do all our spiritual exercises for us! No! The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God in us, helping us live the life of God which we have received even as we are in the flesh and on earth. The flesh is weak but the Spirit is willing and as long as we are still in this flesh, as long as we still get hungry, we still desire certain things that are beneficial to our physical well being, we need the help of the Holy Spirit of which we can’t live our Christian lives without. You must put efforts and be willing for the Holy Spirit to help. You can’t refuse to preach the gospel and also expect the Holy Spirit to help you win souls, you must be on it and then He comes in!
The degree to which the Holy Spirit can help us is the degree to which we allowed Him to operate. The Holy Spirit can be limited by us! We can keep Him away from our affairs but the consequences can be grave! Jonah tried keeping God away but found himself in the belly of the fish. It was never God’s idea that he stays there, it was never God’s intention! Many people are stuck right now because they decided to keep the Holy Spirit away and they kept making wrong decisions. God doesn’t push you into making wrong decisions because you kept His Spirit away from your affairs, your wrong decisions is the result of your own making. However, God allow certain things to happen so that you can be drawn closer to Him. The storm was never God’s will but He allowed it in the case of Jonah, to draw him back to the path of His will.
Be open to the Holy Spirit, He is the help that you need!
God bless you.


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