I wouldn’t say I am an authority in ministry because I haven’t started yet but I have an experience I would love to share with some young ministers of the gospel and I believe it will bless us real good.
When I was leading a youth ministry as an Anglican, I remember we would always complain that our patrons aren’t giving us money neither was the Church leaders showing concern for our programs! We were not supposed to complain actually. Many made these complaints, at some point I was guilty of complaining too but there was never a program we needed to do that we never did including the high and mighty programs! Some of my executives would bear witness to this… Something was responsible for that!
I had no tactics of getting money from people, if I had, I wasn’t sure it would work on my members unless I have to get them steal. As far as I knew, they were secondary school students… Yours may have lots of money, I was sure they didn’t have much, if they did… They would bring it. However, God blessed me with a job and I knew He gave me that job so that I don’t have to stress myself out. I wasn’t earning so much but it was paying the bills of running the fellowship at that time.
All my years as the leader of this youth ministry, I had no savings. We were not activity bound but we understood the time, we understood that the young people out there needed to hear the gospel. I produced diverse kinds of outreach materials, we never ran short of them and till date I could still lay hands on some if I could check my old bags. We didn’t do so much of talent programs, like getting people to come and entertain us, we explored ourselves, developed ourselves and did all manner of things for God.
Our rehearsals and prayer meetings were weekly and always a vigil; it needed a steady supply of fuel and refreshments so that it doesn’t get boring. Our weekly fellowship was also done with musical equipments… I remember I purchased certain equipment then too and after I handed over I didn’t go with them! If there is any member of our fellowship reading this, they will bear witness.
Because I didn’t have to beg for supports and all of that, I focused in the preaching of the word of God. Offerings were always used to transport people who came from far places. Our fellowship grew tremendously and yet I was never hungry for once nor was there anything I needed that I lacked.
I have to narrate this story because I want people to understand why I am advising young ministers not to quit their jobs simply because they believe they are specifically called into ministry. Full time ministry isn’t about quitting your job, if you aren’t doing ministry full time, you aren’t doing ministry. Ministry isn’t about having an organization with good structures. I speak from experience… At some point I had been tempted like every other young person to quit job entirely and I see myself cancelling programs God has given us to do… Sometimes it is God who makes those jobs available until we have a strong support system among brethren. There are times ministry would become very bulky that we have to quit our job to face it but till then, don’t be tempted to expect money to fall from the sky just because you said “yes” to Jesus! You weren’t the only one who said yes to Jesus.
So many preachers say all manner of things just to get people give money and reason is because things have become very hard, they can’t pay bills and costs of running services! If people understand what it costs to run a Church, they would stop criticizing so many things and start acting right! While we start teaching our members to worship God with their tithes, stewards, seed of faiths and all of that, our previous experiences and exhibitions will go a long way to teach them! Paul never really had to work if he didn’t want to but he decided to work and not burden certain people… That really thought his audience that lazy people don’t eat! Before we ask people to give, let’s get a good record so that it wouldn’t seem as though we are speaking out of frustration!
God bless you…
Pastors are not thieves!
Pastors are not frustrated!


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