Yes, I know but if you are sensible, drop your sentiments and listen to me…
If you are a father or mother, train your children equal and don’t bring any preferential treatment to anyone based on gender!
TREAT YOUR BOYS THE SAME WAY YOU TREAT YOUR GIRLS with respect to their physical strengths! When I write “with respect to their strength” I mean you always give them duties in consideration to their strength and psychology but it doesn’t necessarily mean making one look more important or stronger than the other. For instance, they would all fetch water but with what they can carry! It is normal for a boy of 10 to carry larger loads than girls of 10, there are exceptions to this though. Now, does that mean boys are stronger than girls? No! We have to rightly define what strength is and understand that while one is strong in doing this another is strong in doing that!
There is no point sending the girl to the kitchen and sending the boy to watch television! There is no point asking the girl to serve food to the boy while the boy eat and even judge the food he never cooked. There is no point making the boy feel he has an obligation to make money while the girl waits to be married off to a man she would serve! Both the boy and girl should learn to be skillful in domestic chores and yet very productive out there in the world! Both must be trained and given an equal play ground in the society.
Women who stab their husbands to death and men who beat their wives to pulp were once kids! Their upbringing contributed greatly to whatever they became and whatever their social demands are! We must raise boys who have respect for girls and girls who feel guilty pursuing their own dreams! Maybe our own parents made that mistake but we never have to make it!
I know my kids will take turns to cook and serve each other! They will take turns to wash each other’s clothes and be trained to see themselves as great people with no one having to feel much more important than the other. They will be raised to love themselves and in this way they are learning to be the best they can be in the world and in their marriages. My girls will honor their brothers as they would their husbands and my boys will also respect, love and protect their sisters as they would their wives! I will make them understand what their physical strengths are meant for and also make them realize that the physical strength doesn’t define their limits in any way.

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