It’s different here though.
It’s a stale, boring trend but I couldn’t just deal with what was hitting my head.

If you can’t identify with the shame behind a glory, that glory will never ever identify with you! It is one thing to say you are friend with the American President and it is another thing for the American President to tweet that you are his friend. You know, some of us are dating people who aren’t dating us! Isn’t that funny? It makes a whole lot of difference when success and glory identify with you than when it is just you identifying with them.

You see a young man full of dreams, full of energy, optimism and will-power to make things work out! But you ignore him, snub him and write him off just because in the definition of “your type of man” the only thing he didn’t meet up with is that he must be a man who resides in a duplex with at least an SUV and international passport stamped with visas of different developed countries! It’s okay if you want an already made man but be ready to dance the beats of his song and it is also fine to be part of the making of your own man and beat the songs together, making the melodies together to the way you want it. When you are not part of movie production, your suggestions during the premiere of the movie is useless because you don’t have a stake in the production! You may not have a say in the future you never built.

For example, you met a woman! She has a sweet spirit, determined to help bring out the best in you, determined to develop herself and explore her potentials the best way she can and the only thing she didn’t meet up with by your own definition of “the right woman” is that she might get fat after giving birth, she isn’t from a rich home and she doesn’t have your kind of fashion sense. Maybe, just maybe… She also doesn’t know how to cook or she doesn’t pray for three hours at a stretch! And oh boy! You write her off… Well, it’s your choice though and it’s fine! But be ready to face the beats of your choices and dance them well when you eventually marry the woman who had A1+ in bedmatics, advanced kitchen skills and intense praying habits to later realize all those things aren’t a qualification for marriage.

You see, you can’t glory in what you aren’t part of the process! You may finally end up being the one rushing them or they are the one rushing you but life isn’t about who is rushing you or who you’re rushing. It’s about being intentional and purpose-driven about the choices you make. Failure will rush anyone who never planned for success. But for success? You run after success not in a literal sense but with applying given principles!

It is okay to want an excellent life but it is better to create it for yourself! Why let material things govern your decisions when your decisions can govern material things? This is not an excuse for entertaining poverty! This is just a call to recheck what is guiding your decisions!

Are they rushing me? I don’t want rushers, please…
I already have rushees… Lol!

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