This would sound so absurd and odd with regards to what we have been hearing! We keep hearing motivations and sometimes these are motivations unto failure! In seminars, in churches and on several organizations we hear certain things like “Never give up, you have failed when you give up… Failure is defined as when you give up! You just have to keep going!” And then we see a lot of people who aren’t walking into the land of the living but the land of the dead and they keep walking because we have made them believe that as long as they keep walking, maybe there could be a miracle and maybe the wrong steps would become right. I want to change the narratives.
United States isn’t a wrong place, United Kingdom isn’t a place too but a man who was onboard to United States while United Kingdom is where he is supposed to be don’t have to keep going! He has to give up going to United States. As regards to his purpose, United States is a wrong destination but doesn’t make it wrong to people who are supposed to be there. Music may not really be your place but that doesn’t make music a bad thing!
Sometimes, God wants us to give up so that we can rechannel our focus to sometime better that we can give in to. Sometimes it is not just what we were supposed to be doing, why not give up on it? It’s good to invest time and resources in doing something unique that you’ll be known for! But never be caught up in the web of uncertainties when it is not working! If you try one thing and it isn’t working, it is not wrong to try another! Don’t invest so much and waste time in doing one thing that will never pay for all the stress!
The thing is… You have to know when it’s on process and when it’s not working! Everything that should work has process, if it is growing gradually keep up with it and don’t give up. For me I think that’s a process. But if is stagnant and sometimes backward, taking up your time, energy and money without any reward or at least a sight of the future why not just invest time in learning something else?
A lot of people don’t want to give up because of pride! They don’t want people to say “finally he gave up!” They want to appear strong and consistent and they get stuck in the web of their own pride, walking a steady walk into their own destruction. How can you be running a business that has no promise or a sense of security for one year and you still want to go further? Let people misunderstand you, let them laugh and make mockery of you! Let them say you’re weak…. You aren’t living your life for them. Your future is more important than what people thinks.
People are in abusive relationships, they are beaten to pulp, beaten into coma and neglected on many grounds coupled with gross unfaithfulness and they still don’t want to give up! Why? They are afraid and sometimes it’s pride! They either don’t want news to go round that they gave up, perhaps they are those motivational speakers who ask people never to give up! While the others are just afraid that they might give up and fall into the wrong hands…. They argue that the devil they know is better than the Angel they don’t know. It’s funny how people want to stick to the devil and never ever giving Angels chances to prove themselves.
Sometimes it’s good to give up!
Yes, there is a blessing in giving up. To give up isn’t a curse! Keep giving up on things that aren’t working, keep giving up on careers that aren’t working! There is nothing wrong with it at all. You can devote time to something else… Try different things till you find that one that works for you.
That it is working for James doesn’t mean it will work for John. Our grace and talent towards certain things differ! You can do all things through Christ doesn’t mean you can literally do all things! It means you can do all things meant for you to do! If you argue that the Bible means you can literally do all things, then maybe you have to steal all things, commit sexual immorality all you want, drink and smoke all you want through “whoever” you say is strengthening you because its obviously not Christ!
If you have tried and it isn’t working, drop your pride, drop that fear… Loose grip on that stuff! Give up! Sometimes you may not see the great opportunities God has arranged for you just because your attention and strength are focused on good and wonderful things that aren’t for you.

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