On so many occasions we get into the flesh and try to do it’s bidding. We see servants of God who serves in various capacities get into an error and we suddenly rise up, get to the pulpit or into the social media to condemn them, mention their names and publicly judge them. Yes of course they did wrong but it is never ever in our position to judge them.
Yes of course it is not out of place to make constructive criticisms with a motive of love and assistance but when we rise up to tarnish the image of servants of God publicly because they did something wrong, we are seriously in for trouble. I used to know a friend who would always curse men of God and call them criminals and idiots because of the way they raise funds or the things they said! We would always gather and he’d bring up the issues and we deliberate on it, on most cases it turns out to be heated argument concerning our place in judging men of God. Then he would start cursing these men of God and judge them calling them very terrible names.
Did the servant of God fell into error? That isn’t the issue, the issue is are we in the position to judge them? No! It is not just bad as in “B.A.D” to dish out destructive criticism against servants of God, it is terrible and self destruction to do so unrepentantly. If we cannot reach these people and ask questions, it is no use painting them black in public! The best thing we’d do is pray for them. God is able to make His servants stand and believe me, He is in that business. There were so many people who started so well in the ministry and then they fell into error but then they bounced back again and started doing just fine! Why? Because God is able to make His servants stand! And when we pray for God’s servants we are working in agreement with God.
Remember the story of Miriam and Moses? Remember how Miriam suffered leprosy for criticizing Moses! The question isn’t if she is saying the truth, the truth is she had no right to do that! Look at the wife of David who criticized David and got barren, she might probably not be humanly wrong for speaking against David getting naked but David was a servant of God, the shadow of the New Creature and she brought curse upon herself! Unless God gave you the express permission to speak up against His servant, you have no such right and on most cases God isn’t going to give you such permission unless for a purpose!
Why shouldn’t we judge servants of God? Because we aren’t God and they are not our servants! It is true that we are instructed to be accountable to one another but when it comes to ministry God has not given anyone any such right to judge His servants. Judging God’s servant is a terrible sin because it is an attempt to run over God’s responsibility. To think God is blind and unresponsive is a big error, He is forgiving and He gives His servants time to repent of their mistakes. God can always use men to warn His servants, He can use events or just work any way He wants to but never ever pray to find yourself in that position of speaking against servants of God because it won’t end well! Judas betrayed Jesus but Judas didn’t end well (Matthew 27:1-10). Jesus needed to be betrayed, oh yes! Thank God for Judas, he did a great job but let me shock you! It wasn’t in God’s plan that Jesus be betrayed, it was simply a turn around for good! Jesus would have still been killed on the cross without Judas betraying Him but Judas made Himself available by the condition of his heart. Even before the devil brought up his strategy, God had known it (Matthew 26:21) and had turned around that strategy for Himself and against the devil. Judas allowed himself to be used! Never ever allow yourself to be used against a man of God.
When you find people talking against men of God, just walk away! If they ask you for your contribution, tell them you can’t be part of that risk! In my days of ignorance, I could get mad at certain mistakes I saw men of God make. I could speak boldly against it sighting Paul’s rebuke to Peter as a license but I was wrong and I was seeing that portion of the Bible out of context! If your criticism isn’t going to be helpful, if it is coming from hate and anger and not with the love motive, you’re acting in the flesh! I had repented from such mistakes from the day I learned this of the Lord.
The same way God resists the proud, He resists those who judge his servant because that is a gross display of pride. Who are we to judge God’s servant? Even God’s servants has no right to judge themselves because they aren’t their own masters but God’s servants! When you find yourself going this lane quickly repent and walk in love. I have not said we ought to condone false teachers and false prophets. The bible clearly shows us how to know those who aren’t false! When they believe and preach Jesus, who came in the flesh, died for the sins of the world, resurrect and ascended to God, they are not false! They are exalting Jesus regardless of other flaws we’d notice! Whether they raised money or made remarks we don’t agree with, we ought not to criticize them! If you even harbor the least feeling against God’s servants, get rid of it! Pray for them and keep praying till you see the desired changes.
In Matthew 7:1 we see that when we judge others, we bring judgment upon ourselves too. How much more when we judge servants of God who we have no jurisdiction over? The only duty we owe one another is love and if your criticism isn’t going to be helpful, why dish it out? When false prophets arise, believe me, they are bringing condemnation upon themselves already (2 Peter 3:1), it may seem like they are progressing but at the end you’ll realize that they walked into their own destruction. We must know the thin line between testing and judging, we must test every Spirit, we must test every teaching and we do not need to give chances for the devil to use false teachers in deceiving our members. It is right to teach our members the truth of God’s word and get them grounded in it, this way they can’t become prey to false teachers. This is Paul’s approach to certain men who entered ministry with the wrong motive, hear him
“Some indeed preach Christ even of envy and strife; and some also of good will: The one preach Christ of contention, not sincerely, supposing to add affliction to my bonds: But the other of love, knowing that I am set for the defence of the gospel. What then? notwithstanding, every way, whether in pretence, or in truth, Christ is preached; and I therein do rejoice, yea, and will rejoice.” – Philippians 1:15-18
Be wise.

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